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KosmodeHealth clinches 2023 Sicc Awards

SINGAPORE – KosmodeHealth Singapore, proudly announces its triumphant win of “The Most Transformational Collaboration” at the prestigious 2023 SICC Awards, in collaboration with Nestlé Singapore Pte Ltd and Nestlé R&D Center Pte Ltd. This esteemed award recognizes the groundbreaking partnership in repurposing Spent Barley Grains into W0W®noodle, a revolutionary functional food designed for blood sugar management.

“This year’s winner of the SICC Most Transformational Collaboration Award really provide each of us with a masterclass in collaborative innovation and demonstrate the power of transformative sustainability coupled with responsible leadership. KosmodeHealth Singapore and its collaborators Nestlé Singapore Pte Ltd and Nestlé R&D Centre Pte Ltd came together to transform Spent Barley Grains into high protein & fibre ingredients for better human nutrition. They took what was traditionally an unused food side stream and transformed it into something beneficial. A true, transformative example of a circular model of production. It is easy to see why the judges awarded these collaborators.” Mr Victor Mills, Chief Executive, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce.

Transformational significance of the Award-Winning Collaboration:

  1. Repurposing Spent Barley Grains: KosmodeHealth spearheaded an innovative initiative to repurpose Spent Barley Grains, a food side stream generated after malt production in collaboration with Nestlé Singapore and Nestlé R&D Centre in Singapore. This collaboration involves the supply of wet Spent Barley Grain by Nestlé and the valorization of Spent Barley Grains into Barley Protein Fibre powder by a proprietary extraction process of KosmodeHealth.
  2. Functional Food Innovation – W0W®noodle: The Barley Protein Fiber powder, is the key ingredient in the formulation of W0W®noodle, a high protein & fibre food developed for blood sugar management. The formulation of W0W®noodle, clinically proven to ‘not move a needle’ in blood sugar level proves that staple food can be elevated to ‘Food is Medicine” category.
  3. A Blueprint for Sustainable Functional Food – The repurposing of Spent Barley Grains into W0W®noodle is an example of how feeding more than 9 billion population in 2050 without having to produce more food & wrecking the planet can be achieved; simply by extracting nutrients from food side streams that are mostly dumped into landfills or at best upcycled into animal feeds.
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“This collaboration aims to serve as a blueprint that can be replicated in developing countries. I hope this Award will raise awareness on value of food processing wastes and encourage food manufacturers to harness the wastes generated to feed their population and address food security concerns.” said Ms Florence Leong, Co-Founder, KosmodeHealth Singapore.

Mr Guglielmo Bonora, R&D Centre Head for ASEAN at Nestlé R&D Singapore added “The AHA moment was when I tasted the W0W®noodle for the first time. I was struck by how good it tastes. Sharing the similar vision to better manage food side streams, we are excited to embark on this collaboration with KosmodeHealth to explore the possibility to extend the Barley Protein Fibre powder for use in various types of products to hopefully enhance the value of nutrition and sustainability.”

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