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Cisco Learning Partners Recognized for Excellence at the 2023 Cisco Learning Partner Awards

Last week, I had the pleasure of recognizing the accomplishments of our Learning Partner community and celebrating the 2023 Cisco Learning Partner Award winners.  

Our Cisco Learning Partners are instrumental in upskilling individuals and teams at scale to meet our customers where they are. Each year, they deliver skills to our joint customers that close the IT skills gap, propel careers, and upskill enterprise teams to drive business outcomes. 

As an example, customers are continuing to consume cloud services, and to protect their users and data, their networks are becoming more complex. I am excited to see our Learning Partners embrace our new Multicloud Certifications in Cloud Connectivity and Cloud Security, which ensure individuals have proven, certified skills to secure, connect, and observe the network.   

Our entire Learning Partner community deserves recognition for the exceptional results they have achieved. Through our relationships, we have built a foundation for the learning business to thrive and grow in the future. Special congratulations go to this year’s winners. These Learning Partners have attained remarkable business outcomes and showcased exceptional commitment to customers and Cisco during 2023. The 11 winners signify excellence in performance, innovation, business growth, and customer success.  

Congratulations to the 2023 Winners of the Cisco Learning Partner Awards (full details are available on our Learning Partner site). 


Table of Contents

2023 Cisco Learning Partner Award Winners

Overall Winner 

Global Learning Partner of the Year  

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WINNER – Global Knowledge 



WINNER – NterOne  


WINNER- Trainocate 


WINNER – Fast Lane 

Performance Recognition Awards 

Excellence in YoY Business Growth  

WINNER – Current Technologies CLC 

 Awarded to the Learning Partner with the highest average growth percentage YoY.  


Customer Satisfaction Distinction  

WINNER – Mira Telecommunicacions SL 

Awarded to the Learning Partner with the highest average customer satisfaction scores.  


Digital Acceleration Partner of the Year 

WINNER – Global Knowledge 

 Awarded to the Learning Partner with the highest digital student count.  


Value Exchange Partner of the Year  

WINNER – Global Knowledge 

 Awarded to the Learning Partner with the highest Cisco Learning Credit revenue recognition.  


New Learning Partner of the Year  

WINNER – AI Network Training PTE LTD 

 Awarded to a New Learning Partner in FY23—new company Partners only—with the highest student count.  


Customer Success   

WINNER- Nil CCIE 525 Programme 

Awarded to the Learning Partner with the most impactful customer success of the year. 


Social Impact  

WINNERSLS LATAM:  Nursing Homes, Scholarships, Hospital Assistance, Fausto’s Foundation, Camino a Casa Foundation. 

The Social Impact Award is given to the Learning Partner with active involvement in a social impact project demonstrating positive contributions to local or global opportunities, driving significant and measurable impact. 


I am so appreciative and thankful for all the wonderful work that our Learning Partner community achieved in FY23. Our shared charter of upskilling individuals and teams is a key factor to our success, and I am excited about what the future holds for all of us. 

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Congratulations to all the winners.  

Some of the Cisco Learning Partner 2023 Award Winners at this year’s Cisco Partner Summit dinner. Back row (left to right): Daniel Hedtmann (Fast Lane), Herman Goedman (Fast Lane), Brandon Yohn (Neteroen), David Vincent (Global Knowledge), Mike Meditz (Cisco); Second row (left to right): Torsten Poels (Fast Lane), Britt Devine (Global Knowledge), Fred Cutaran (Nterone); Front row (left to right): Raquel Vazquez (Mira), Mel Jones (Global Knowledge), Polona S. Crnigoj (NIL), Ana Beltran (Cisco), Par Merat (Cisco), Alan Gardner (Current Technologies), Martin Camp (NIL)


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