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Three AI Tools That Could Be Useful at Work

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Have you played around with a lot of the AI tools? There are a lot of possible issues with the results from AI (such as entirely made up answers!!), so use these tools with a LOT of caution and only as one tool in your wheelhouse. Still, some that could be useful include the following — and I’d love to hear if you know of any other!

AI Tools That Could Be Useful at Work

Zoom Summary

Have you noticed that new little button on your Zoom dashboard, Summary? If you click that button from in-meeting controls at the beginning of your Zoom meeting, the meeting summary will begin to be generated, and participants will see a notification informing that the Meeting Summary is active. When the meeting has ended, the summary will be finalized and sent out.

(You do need a certain level of admin access to Zoom, but participants can request Summary… if an admin is not present on the call, an email will be sent.)

It can keep notes on what is said, consolidate ideas into different categories, and keep track of to-dos and follow up tasks, including who said they would do them.

At the moment it’s available for users as a free trial – here’s more info on the Zoom blog.

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Chat PDF promises to “extract information or answer questions from large PDF files like manuals, essays, books.” You can upload a PDF of ANY size and, apparently, in any language, and then ask the AI chatbot to answer questions based on that source PDF by citing and highlighting specific paragraphs.

For professionals, you could use this to do an initial assessment or help you pinpoint a section to look at of a manual, a book, a contract, a financial report, or more.


AudioPen “converts unstructured voice notes into text that’s easy to read and ready to share.” As they note, “if you like thinking out loud, you’ll love Audio Pen.”

You can draft articles, emails, messages, and more, just by talking. The program will consolidate ideas into categories or even an outline form — not necessarily in how you spoke about them, but how might make sense contextually.

On the free version, you get up to 3 minutes to talk, whereas on paid versions you can get more.

Readers, have you used any AI tools for work-related purposes? (Personal?) How are you using them, and what are your thoughts?

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