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13 Weird Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

The beauty world never sleeps. 

New beauty hacks are popping up every single day, and thank you social media for getting these creative, useful tips in our faces. Literally.

Now, we know it can be a bit overwhelming with all the information out there. Because, how do we know which tips are legit and which ones are nonsense?

Some are sketchy to say the least, but we got you covered, of course!

Today, we’re rounding up some of Lauryn’s tried and true natural beauty hacks that are a little offbeat, but surprisingly effective.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

13 Weird Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

♡ Brushing Your Eyebrows Up

Brushing your eyebrows up might be something you haven’t thought of, but trust us (and Lauryn), it’s magic.

Grab a clean spoolie brush, run it through your eyebrow hairs, and brush them upwards. That’s it.

This simple trick helps your brows look fuller and more defined, giving you that “no-makeup” makeup look. You can learn more about eyebrow tips from Anastasia Soare in this episode of the HIM & HER Show.  Plus, if you’re into a bold brow like Lauryn, you’ve got to try the REFY brow gel. She’s tried them all and this is the crème de la crème. 

♡ Colostrum

Okay, get ready for a seriously weird beauty hack that’ll blow your mind. That’s right, we’re talking about colostrum—the first milk produced by mammals after giving birth.

There’s power in this incredible superfood. You can use it in the form of moisturizer, or you can take take it as a supplement. After hearing about it’s benefits from Dr. Sarah Rahal on the HIM & HER Show, Lauryn and Michael take this daily, give it to their kids, and have gotten a lot of the team onto it as well.

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This supplement is loaded with proteins, vitamins, and growth factors that work wonders for your skin. It helps boost hydration, reduce inflammation, and promote collagen production.  Not to mention, it’s amazing for gut health and immunity. We like Armra and you can use code SKINNY.

♡ Ice Roller

When you first think about icing, you usually don’t think about your face (unless you just had facial surgery). 

This ultimate beauty hack will give your skincare routine an icy twist. The Skinny Confidential ice roller is all about cooling off and calming down your skin.

Just pop it in the freezer and when you’re feeling puffy, roll it across your face. Just be sure to roll it on the wrist a few times before to make sure it’s not too cold.

The cold temperature helps soothe inflammation, depuff those under-eye bags, and tighten up those pores. Lauryn does this a lot throughout the day but it’s a non-negotiable first thing in the morning before putting on makeup.

 What Does Ice Do To Your Face?

♡ Mouth Taping

Mouth taping involves gently applying a piece of tape over your lips while you sleep. It may seem odd, but it actually helps more than you’d think.

Taping your mouth while you sleep helps promote nasal breathing, preventing mouth dryness and reducing the risk of wrinkles caused by mouth breathing. In fact, it can literally change the shape of your face. Stalk this book and this podcast if you want to learn more.

♡ Face Yoga

It’s time to say hello to face yoga, the coolest weird beauty hack that’ll give your facial muscles a serious workout.

Just like hitting the gym tones your body, face yoga exercises help lift and sculpt your face.

From activating those cheekbones to banishing that double chin, face yoga rejuvenates your complexion and promotes a natural, youthful glow. Also called facial manipulation, this is the perfect hack because you can do it at home, for free. For more on how to get started check out this post.

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♡ Face Massage

The Pink Balls Face Massager is another sort-of weird beauty hack that’ll have you looking snatched almost immediately after use. 

This cute (but mighty) little roller has two pink balls that deliver a rejuvinating massage to your skin. Especially if you use it with some  some Ice Queen Face Oil. The combo will boost circulation and leave you with a sculpted, healthy glow.

♡ Vitamin C Showerhead Fillers

These clever little capsules contain Vitamin C, a powerhouse ingredient for brightening and evening out your skin tone.

Just attach the filler to your showerhead, and as you shower, the Vitamin C is released into the water, giving you a refreshing and revitalizing experience. 

It’s like a spa treatment in your own bathroom, and your skin will thank you for it. Find out more about Vitamin C-infused showerheads on the HIM & HER podcast episode with the founders of Vitaclean.

tool for reducing bloat


Buckle up and prepare for the most bougie road trip of your life—thanks to these driving gloves.

Slip on these luxurious driving gloves during those long (or short) car rides to protect your hands from the sun’s harmful UV rays and reduce the risk of premature aging. The amount of incidental sun exposure we get from driving and walking really adds up over a year, so be sure to protect your arms and hands. 

♡ Milk Ice Cubes

Fill an ice cube tray with milk and freeze it. Then, gently rub the milk ice cubes over your face, focusing on areas where you want extra hydration or soothing.

The milk’s natural proteins and lactic acid help nourish and exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and glowing.

♡ Face Shaving

Shaving those peach fuzz hairs off your face is one of the best beauty hacka. And no, it’s not going to make them grow back thicker or darker.

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By removing those tiny hairs using something like our Hot Shave Razor, your makeup glides on like a dream. It’ll also give you a gentle exfoliation and help your skincare absorb better. Pair with the Hot Shave Cream for the most nourishing shave of your life.

♡ Dry Brushing 

To many, dry brushing is not weird. It’s an essential part of any skincare routine. It’s the product we’re using to dry brush that is indeed a little, well…weird. We’re talking about a dish brush. Lauryn likes things intense and a while ago discovered that, for her, a dishbrush did the trick. Drybrushing exfoliates your skin, gets your lymph system going and is a great way to wake up. Do it before you shower and be sure sure to finish with a body serum and Le Spoon for the ultimate full body routine.

It’s handy, it’s cheap, it’s easy to use, and it’s EFFECTIVE. 

We’re not gonna lie, it can be a little intense. But if you’re a major fan of exfoliating and loooove that refreshing dry brushed skin feeling – this one’s for you.

♡ Mewing

In case you’ve never heard of it, mewing is a super simple facial exercise you can do anytime, anywhere and it has a ton of benefits. 

Basically all you do is close your lips and teeth together, then push your tongue up so it’s flattened on the roof of your mouth and the tip of your tongue is against your top teeth. That’s literally it. 

Stay that way for as long as you want (or can) & reap the benefits, which include strengthening the jaw muscle & tongue, reducing jaw pain, and nasal breathing.

Do you have any weird beauty hacks we need to embrace? We love an affordable home treatment so we’ll take all the tips we can get. Let us know below.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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