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Phoenix Athens Coffeehouse on a Mission to Serve Coffee With Intention – CoffeeTalk

Phoenix Athens Coffeehouse, located at 660 W. Broad St., has been serving coffee and fellowship through the Phoenix Community of Athens church since January 2021. The coffeehouse is unique due to its faith-based mission and intention behind serving coffee. Upon entering, patrons are greeted by a smiling barista, and Christmas music plays on the speakers. The coffeehouse is open during church services from Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is purely reliant on donations, with its baristas being volunteers.

The coffeehouse offers typical beverages like lattes, mochas, and chai tea lattes, as well as bakery items like bagels. The signature drink is the “Ohana,” a cold brew coffee with vanilla and frothed almond cream on top. The new winter menu features white hot chocolate and frosted chai with almond sweet cream foam.

The Phoenix Community of Athens church is part of a wider network of churches spread across Georgia, with locations in Atlanta, Duluth, Buford, Gainesville, and Suwanee. The Athens location opened in fall 2021, led by pastors Steven Link and Nate Platto. Phoenix Roastery, a direct-trade organization that connects single-estate coffee bean farmers in countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama to the coffeehouses in Georgia, partners with these farmers to create coffee, eliminating the middleman between them and the U.S. coffeehouses like Phoenix Athens Coffeehouse.

Phoenix Athens Coffeehouse also serves the Athens community, providing a safe place for people, especially the homeless community. The faith-based foundation sets it apart from other establishments, with most customers being regulars. University of Georgia students are encouraged to know that Phoenix Athens Coffeehouse is always a welcoming place for them to come and study.

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