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German Sustainability Award: Kaffeekoop among the winners

DÜSSELDORF, Germany – For the first time, Wilo and the German Sustainability Award Foundation have awarded the International German Sustainability Award (Internationaler Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis – IDNP). The German Sustainability Award (DNP) is Europe’s biggest award for environmental and social commitments.

This specific category recognises partnerships that have been formed between German companies and companies based in the Global South.

“As a multinational technology group who are committed to pursuing an ambitious sustainability strategy, it is important for us to set an example.

Cooperation across borders, especially with those companies in emerging markets of the southern hemisphere, is hugely important both in terms of geo-economic development and global sustainability goals,” said Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group.

Georg Weber, Member of the Executive Board and CTO of the Wilo Group, presented the award at the DNP awards ceremony, which was held in Düsseldorf on 24 November. Domitila Barros also joined him on stage to give a speech.

The speaker and management consultant, who grew up in a Brazilian favela, is now one of the world’s most impactful sustainability influencers.

Two partnerships were recognised with the International German Sustainability Award: textile company ‘Jeckybeng’ and its Taiwanese cooperation partner ‘HerMin Textile’, as well as coffee cooperative ‘Kaffeekoop’ and their Rwandan partner ‘Rwashoscco’.

“The two award winners have made an impressive commitment to internationally sustainable development and global climate action,” explained Georg Weber. “The projects they successfully completed are having a positive impact both here in Germany and in their respective partner countries.”

In 2021, the Wilo Group was itself awarded the German Sustainability Award in the “Climate” transformation field. “Sustainability forms an integral part of our corporate DNA,” said Oliver Hermes. “It is therefore a great pleasure for us to be able to honour other companies who are also actively driving forward the transition to a sustainable world.”

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