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Simonelli Group halted work to share its sustainability initiatives

BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Macerata (Italy) – Sustainability is the result of everyone’s commitment, and that’s why Simonelli Group assembled all its employees to make them part of the company’s journey towards a more respectful future for the environment and people. The event, held on November 14th at the Simonelli Group headquarters, was attended by all the local organizations the company has been working with for some time on social inclusion projects: I Bambini delle Fate, Nemo Clinical Center, Anffas Sibillini and Frolla Microbiscottificio.

Simonelli Group and sustainability

The round table, moderated by Mariangela Cassano (President of ActionAid), was an opportunity to listen to and share the needs expressed by the care sector.

simonelli group
Simonelli Group team (image provided)

As part of the event, the results of the Integrated Report 2022, which is now in its fourth edition, were presented. The Report, which is an expression of the centrality of sustainability goals in Simonelli Group’s business model, constitutes “the history, through numbers, facts and measurable results, of the values that inspire the company” (Marco Feliziani, CEO of the company).

marco feliziani simonelli
Marco Feliziani, Simonelli Group CEO (image provided)

The results, relating to energy savings, waste reduction, and concrete support for the needs of people facing hardship, were presented to over 100 employees and workers.

nando ottavi
Nando Ottavi, Simonelli Group President (image provided)

Nando Ottavi, President of Simonelli Group, when he addressed the assembly: “We have managed to reduce electricity consumption by 25%, gas consumption by 27%, and virgin plastics by 35%. This is all thanks to a contribution made by everyone, from those who develop the products to those who build them to those who sell them throughout the world. In this way, we continue along the path we began more than 10 years ago, when in 2011 we decided to submit all of our products for LCA studies”.

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The event (image provided)

Ottavi added: “We discovered that the greatest impact of our machines is when they are used in the point of sale. Since then, we have constantly worked to reduce consumption, improve ergonomics, and improve efficiency.”

simonelli group
The Simonelli Group Integrated Report 2022 (image provided)

The Simonelli Group Integrated Report 2022 is available here


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