Thursday, May 23, 2024 wants to change how the world thinks of decaf

LOS ANGELES, USA – launches today as the world’s first digital media publication dedicated to decaffeinated coffee. Its founding team seeks to shift the world’s perception of coffee without caffeine. The decaf coffee market is estimated to be around $20bn in global annual revenue, according to Skyquest. Numerous communities – such as people with diabetes, anxiety, or who are pregnant – drink decaf for health reasons.

And with a rise in health consciousness, interest in limiting caffeine is rising among younger demographics. Yet virtually no resources exist to help brands tell their stories and buyers to navigate to the best products.

“ will serve as the primary guide to the best decaf coffee in the world. We will also build a unique community by telling stories that every decaf drinker and roaster can relate to,” said Sean West, a decaf-fueled entrepreneur who founded

Decaf has long been plagued by a reputation for poor flavor and the use of chemicals in its processing. But all that has changed with the advent of chemical-free decaffeination, and the rise of craft coffee brands that are sourcing and roasting high quality and single-origin decaf coffee.

“The time for decaf is now. Decaf used to be a necessary evil for those who wanted to avoid caffeine,” says West. “Our goal is to make decaf a serious option for the health-conscious and for real coffee lovers – whether they just switch over in the afternoons or enjoy it all day.” aims to build the primary online community around decaffeinated coffee. Brands will collaborate with to tell the stories of their products. And decaf lovers will find products, apparel and gifts that enable them to tell their stories.

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“The future of media is thoughtful content designed for niche and obsessive audiences. The founding team at have identified one of the ripest opportunities in the market,” said Adam Teeter, Founding Advisor to and CEO of the leading beverage media outlet will be the single guide for the discerning decaf-drinker or those starting their journey. A combination of essential health information, roaster profiles, decaf reviews, interviews with high-performing decaf drinkers, and city guides provides a well-rounded resource lacking in the market today.’s Founding Team also includes Joey Degrado, Tracy Feldman, and Diyana West who, together, bring unique skills as chefs, artists, and writers.

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