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World of Coffee Dubai announces wide range of activities

DUBAI, UAE – The World of Coffee Dubai 2024, one of the most anticipated events in the coffee industry, is organised by DXB Live, the integrated event management and experiential agency of the Dubai World Trade Centre, announced a wide range of specialised activities that aims at boosting cooperation and partnerships between the exhibitors and visitors while exploring opportunities in the growing coffee sector.

The key agenda of the event, which will held from 21st to 23rd January 2024, includes various programmes namely, the Roaster Village, the Cup Room, and the Brew Bar.

Additionally, the exhibition will feature spaces specifically designed to draw attention to the importance of promoting sustainable practices in the industry through several discussions, specialised workshops on sustainability, best practices for utilising resources, and sustainable initiatives that demonstrate the commitment of the international coffee community to responsible production.

The exhibition will also set the stage for the launch of various new events, like the Franchise Village, a platform that will bring together leading brands seeking to expand in the region and investors interested in establishing branches of renowned coffee brands. The platform will reinforce the position of the World of Coffee as a key event for exploring growth and collaboration opportunities.

Among the exhibition’s features and programs, the Buyers Programme and Buyers Longue will enable meetings between buyers and farmers, traders, distributors, and roasters, as well as food and beverage managers from the tourism and hospitality sectors. It will further encourage interaction and communication among industry stakeholders and offer an ideal setting for potential partnerships and transactions.

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In addition, the 2024 edition will be held in two large theatres to accommodate more participants for its series of dialogues and free workshops. One theatre will be dedicated to hosting specialised coffee association dialogues, while the other will be for unfiltered sessions, like hosting extensive dialogues with the presence of numerous global experts and specialists to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and products worldwide.

The Roasting Village, Cupping Room, and Brew Bar pavilions are also expanding to meet the growing demand for participation. The Roasters Village area is expected to be one of the most alluring areas for attendees as it will exhibit coffee-making machines and water sources.

The participating businesses will also make coffee and display their coffee beans. Along with specialised guests, it brings together a dozen global businesses and offers an opportunity to sample coffee that has been prepared and roasted in a variety of methods.

The ‘Cupping Room’ pavilion will enable visitors to taste and compare different coffee varieties and evaluate their quality. During their one-hour sessions, each company will provide a set of coffee-tasting sessions for buyers and the public to try and compare.

The Brew Bar pavilion, which is made up of two enormous platforms, can accommodate 12 enterprises. Businesses may utilise the platform for three hours to offer different coffee-tasting sessions and customers can wander between the businesses to sample the coffee and watch baristas creating inventive concoctions.

World of Coffee Dubai: The Innovation platform

To encourage innovation and development in the sector, the exhibition will feature the Coffee Design Award, which will highlight the latest advancements in coffee preparation, equipment, and sustainable practices. It will be awarded in various categories including design, packaging, branding, coffee cups, and coffee pots. Furthermore, the ‘Best New Product Award’ will be awarded for exceptional new coffee-related products.

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To participate in the awards, companies will have to submit their designs on the competition website, further enabling judges to choose winners. The exhibition offers a remarkable opportunity for participants to win the International Specialised Coffee Association’s award for the best design or best product worldwide for 2024.

Ensuring an enhanced experience for participants

Khalid Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President of DXB LIVE, said, “Through this edition, we aim to boost the position of the World of Coffee Dubai to be the most preferred global platform for coffee industry leaders.

We strongly believe the event will surpass the conventional trade show paradigm, securing its reputation as the world’s pre-eminent forum for enthusiasts, professionals, and experts to stay current on industry developments and explore novel strategies and ecologically sustainable practices that will further the industry’s expansion and sustainability.”

“The exhibition provides a significant opportunity to learn about the various sources of coffee beans, roasters, and coffee supply chain as well as to assess the latest advancements in the fields of packaging, distribution, and production. The events, especially the Buyers’ program, will improve participants’ experience and enable them to interact directly to grow and maintain their enterprises,” Al Hammadi added.

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