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Costa Rica hosts “The Café World Summit”

SAN JOSÈ, Costa Rica The Café World Summit is an event that will witness the presence of over 3,000 professionals who are part of the coffee value chain in a gathering in San Josè, Costa Rica, where the essence of coffee culture of the country will be celebrated. During this event, from March 20th to 23rd 2024, people will be able to enjoy a vibrant and enriching atmosphere, perfect for gaining knowledge and establishing connections with industry experts.

There will be professionals from all over the world, representing Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Europe.


Costa Rica is renowned for its excellence in coffee production and sustainability. Furthermore, its rich coffee heritage and commitment to sustainable practices make Costa Rica the perfect place to host the 1st edition of the Café World Summit.

Location: Costa Rica Convention Center

This choice combines state-of the-art facilities with the coffee essence, offering a unique experience that blends innovation and tradition.

In addition to being a unique location, it is a high-caliber convention center. Surrounded by vast coffee plantations just minutes away, it’s the perfect combination for enjoying a 360º experience.

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The Café World Summit aims to connect pioneers and innovators locally global and globally local with the support of leading institutions, authorities, AgTech players, key traders and growers. The presence is divided in 66% from internationals and 33% from locals.

The event main objective is to promote the exchange of knowledge, drive innovation, encourage sustainable practices, and enhance the development of the coffee industry globally. The manifestation will bring together leading experts in the coffee industry, both locally and internationally, as well as producers, distributors, infusionistas, academics, and coffee enthusiasts.

The Convention Center (image provided)

There will be up to 40 booths where it will be possible to gain insights and establish connections with the most renowned professionals from around the world.

The program

Day 1 · March 20, 2024 TechFarm Experience Exploring Innovation on Coffee Farms

Discover how technology is transforming coffee production at one of Central America’s leading farms.

The TechFarm Experience will be a prominent section of our event, where participants can visit cutting-edge coffee farms and witness live demonstrations of biological solutions, machinery, agroforestry systems, and digital tools used on coffee farms.

They will also have the opportunity to exchange knowledge with experts and explore how these technologies are enhancing efficiency and sustainability in coffee production today.

Day 2,3 · March 21–22, 2024 Foro al Grano brewing knowledge, shaping futures

Most coffee producers lack technical information for their farms, which is why the event will continue to offer the essence of the Foro Al Grano and provide an accessible training platform during the CWS to enhance decision-making in their businesses and foster connections throughout the value chain and regions through lectures and theoretical sessions with industry professionals.

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The Café World Summit agenda (image provided)

Foro al Grano 6 Sessions will include:

Renowned Speakers: Recognized experts, industry leaders, and influential figures in the world of coffee.

Interactive Format: Combination of traditional lectures, interactive Q&A sessions, and panel discussions.

Networking Opportunities: Breaks between sessions allowing attendees to interact with both speakers and fellow participants.

Current Topics: Debates on sustainability, the impact of climate change on coffee, or the role of technology in coffee production.

Registration Benefits: one ticket to attend multiple aspects of the event (on-site visits, farms, exhibitors, championship, and conferences).

Post-Event Content: The conferences and panels will be streamed on the CWS app and available after the event.

The sessions:

First session: Coffee Institute of Costa Rica, Lic. Gustavo Jiménez (Executive Director) Topic: Green Pact with the European Union.

Second session: University of Costa Rica, PhD. Ana María Durán (Full Professor at The School of Physics) Topic: Climate Crisis in Coffee.

Third session: University of Costa Rica, Dra. Cristina Chichilla (Director of the Research Center at CICA) Topic: Soil Regeneration.

Fourth session: University of Costa Rica, PhD. Marco V. Gutiérrez (Professor, Agricultural Experimental Station Fabio Baudrit) Topic: Coffee Crop Science.

Fifth session: OIRSA, Carlos Urias (Regional Director of Plant Health) Topic: State of Coffee Farming in the Region.

Sixth session: BAC Bank, MBA, Graciela Rodríguez (Head of Strategy and Business Development). Topic: Regenerative Agriculture.

Day 2,3,4 · March 21–23, 2024 Café Growers’ Hub Pioneering Coffee Agriculture through Innovation

Step into the heart of innovation at the AgroTech Pavilion, where the future of coffee agriculture is taking root.

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This specialized area is dedicated to suppliers and innovators who are propelling the coffee industry forward, equipping plantations with state-of-the-art tools, biological solutions, practical knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies.

Day 4 · March 23, 2024 Infusionista Challenge Crafting Flavors, Elevating Experiences

The Infusionista Challenge is a championship that celebrates creativity and mastery in creating unique and delicious coffee brewers.

Brewers from around all coffee regions in CR will compete through innovation, showcasing their flavor mastery.

For more info about the event click here. In order to register click here.

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