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Bunafr ‘s Direct Farm-to-Cup Model unveiled at CES 2024

SEATTLE, USA – Bunafr, a leader in innovative home coffee experiences, is excited to announce its participation in CES 2024, the world’s gathering place for consumer technologies. Connecting coffee lovers through an end-to-end experience powered by intelligent roasting, Bunafr will showcase its groundbreaking smoke-free home coffee bean roaster in Eureka Park at Booth #61042, the hub of next-generation innovations and startups at CES.

Bunafr’s participation in CES 2024 marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to revolutionize home coffee roasting. The company’s flagship roaster is the first of its kind, and offers a unique blend of luxury and technology, allowing coffee enthusiasts to roast green coffee beans in the comfort of their homes.

A New Era of Coffee Experience

The Bunafr roaster is not just a machine; it’s an experience. It offers a fully automated, smoke-free roasting system, featuring advanced technology such as First Crack Detection, Multiple Bean Temperature Sensors, Climate Control, and Real Time Roast Control TechnologyTM.

With built-in roast levels ranging from light to dark all the way down to French, individuals can achieve a personalized and professional level of roasting with ease and precision, promising an unparalleled coffee experience.

Sustainable and Direct Connection to Coffee Farmers

The company’s business model focuses on connecting farmers with consumers, enhancing the freshness of coffee and reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional roasting and the roasted coffee supply chain.

“We’re thrilled to join CES 2024, where we’ll reveal our intelligent home coffee roaster to an audience passionate about the latest in consumer tech,” said Anjani Annumalla, Founder and CEO of Bunafr. “Our participation in this prestigious event is a testament to our commitment to bringing the future of home coffee roasting to consumers worldwide. We look forward to sharing our passion for coffee and technology with the global CES audience.”

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Bunafr invites attendees to visit their booth in Eureka Park to experience the future of coffee roasting. The team will be conducting live demonstrations, offering tastings, and sharing insights into the technology and sustainability efforts behind their product.

For more information about Bunafr please visit www.bunafr.com.

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