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Eureka at Host present the Costanza and Pura espresso machines

FLORENCE, Italy – This year’s Host was filled with news, novelties and even surprises for the numerous enthusiasts who visited the Eureka stand. New brands, with the launch of the Eureka Home and Eureka Accessory Collection, which enrich the already generous Eureka offer, as well as new catalogue entries for the ever-expanding grinder range and the introduction of new highly technological and design-oriented product lines. But there’s more.

Eureka at Host

Conti Valerio also offered master classes and coffee shows held by local and international professionals, turning the Florentine stand into the fair’s leading laboratory for innovation and research.

Five days that have consolidated HostMilano’s leadership as a global reference hub for innovation in the horeca segment, with more than 2,100 exhibitors and over 180,000 visitors from over 160 different countries: a perfect setting for Conti Valerio, a company that strives to project itself internationally and consolidate its market leadership, both in Italy and in the world.

The Eureka team at Host (image provided)

“To us, every edition of Host is an opportunity to show our partners around the world all the innovations we have developed for them – says Maurizio Fiorani, Managing Director of Eureka – both for the prosumer and professional segments. Despite being already considered innovators, I am pleased that we have once again managed to surprise and amaze everyone, expanding our product range and introducing new solutions”.

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The launch of the Costanza and Pura espresso machines is a testament to Eureka’s quest to revolutionise this industry and a further endeavour towards grinding excellence.

These two models, which perfectly combine aesthetics and functionality (available in two versions), introduce new technical solutions, and complete the domestic experience offered with a single large embrace by Eureka: from the machine to the Mignon next to it, from the coffee beans to the extraction.

The Eureka 1920 new entries include a new generation of Mignons dedicated to more experienced and passionate coffee lovers who understand and appreciate the various coffee extractions. The tradition and know-how of the industry leader combined with technological solutions that satisfy those who seek, above all, higher performance and precision than ever before, but also greater ease of use and personalisation.

A perfect example of this is the new burrs distance detection system, with the 0 to 300 range detector visible on screen, which allows to set the grinding size needed (and desired) for each preparation.

The technical innovations introduced go beyond the group’s prosumer offer, embracing the Eureka Oro catalogue, where the new Mignon Single Dose Pro is on display: a further evolution of a model that has already become iconic for coffee lovers around the world, as well as a further evolution of the current version in terms of usability and zero retention. The spotlight is on the new anti-retention system, which guarantees a 70% reduction in retention compared to the version currently on the market.

Mignon Single Dose Pro
Mignon Single Dose Pro (image provided)

The group’s grind-by-weight range has expanded with last year’s successful debut of Mignon Libra, which now also comes with a 65 mm burrs, developed to excel in filter extraction and all-purpose uses.

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The Atom line

But the latest additions go beyond the Mignons, as they include the Atom line, in particular, the birth of the W range, which is the perfect tool for both domestic users and baristas who value grinding precision and high-performance products (up to 6 g/s in the 75 mm version).

The new display also allows to intuitively select the necessary grams, without wasting any coffee. This is also a very quiet machine (about 60 dB) that combines the best Eureka patents have to offer in a solid and robust machine featuring a metal body and a 100% stainless steel fork.

atom w
Atom W (image provided)

“We wanted to combine the professional approach of the coffee grinder with the simplicity and speed of a highly intuitive dispensing system – explains Maurizio Fiorani – the new internal weight system is extremely versatile and meets the needs of professional operators and domestic users. There are more and more nonprofessional enthusiasts who look for high-performance products that guarantee excellent final products, regardless of the type of coffee, but also ease of use.”

Zeus One

As for new entries, we have a must and a true icon: Zeus One. This is the final step of a technological and innovative journey that has given us a versatile and highly sophisticated product, developed for single-dose use but perfectly capable of guaranteeing top performance and high volumes, thanks to the ICE-motion technology of its elements: rpm alternating current motor (a unique solution in the market) and the Pure Diamond burrs.

Zeus (image provided)

Eureka’s focus on burrs is the result of substantial R&D activities carried out by the Florentine company in this field, which leads us to the latest of the great Eureka new entries. Thanks to a collaboration with ItalMill (leader in the production of burrs and now part of the group), at Host, Eureka presented a collection of burrs customised by type of use, with tailor-made geometries and specific materials for each extraction.

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These are the flagship of the new Eureka Accessory brand, which were conceived to embrace, in a single line, the increasingly wide range of accessories that the company is developing: an effort to personalise and support the passion shown by the increasing number of coffee lovers who choose Eureka, every day.

About Conti Valerio

Founded in 1920 by Tuscan entrepreneur Aurelio Conti, Eureka 1920 and Eureka ORO are top brands that have turned Conti Valerio Srl into a cutting-edge company that is widely recognised as the leader in the coffee grinders segment, both for domestic and professional use.

The company from Sesto Fiorentino (near Florence) recorded a 60 million euro turnover in 2022, 98% of which came from exports, for a total of over 200,000 coffee grinders produced. Eureka invests 5% of its annual turnover in research and development, and in 2018/19, it was awarded six new technology patents, which allowed it to further expand the product range with new lines featuring several technological and design solutions. Conti Valerio currently employs over a hundred employees whose average age is 35 years.

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