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What Our Guys Actually Want This Holiday Season

They continue to be one of the hardest people to shop for thanks to their favorite line of “I don’t need anything” when the question is asked what they want for gifts under the tree. Well, you may not NEED anything but you better believe your girl is going to buy you something. Have I ever mentioned how gifts are my love language and I believe strongly in showering those I love with all of the things? Thankfully, there’s power in numbers and the LIY Team hubbies are here to help! We recently asked the guys of LIY to share their holiday wishlists in order to help you find the perfect gift for your guy at home! Below you’ll find wishlists for each of the LIY guys and a quick snippet about their hobbies and interests. The Athletic type, the Outdoorsmen, the Golf Guy – whatever category your man falls under, we’ve got you covered with 8 holiday wishlists for Him!

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This year’s wishlist of mine (Shawn – Erin’s husband who prefers to remain a behind-the-scenes guy of LIY) is a bit random. I’ve got everything from some of my new favorite clothing items (Vuori Joggers, a Belt, Swims Shoes, and Sorel Boots), to a new travel mug since I’m one of the few who don’t like drinking from the metal insulated Yeti type mugs.I always include a few tech items, so this year I’ve got Smart Lock, a larger Kindle Paperwhite, Playstation 5 and a VR headset. I’ve tried the original Meta headset only one other time and it was incredibly realistic, so I’d have to assume the new V3 is even more impressive. Last but not least, I’ve included the Bob Iger book as I always enjoy learning about the life of others, and the path of their life and I find his story to be very intriguing.

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Hey, hey! Hayden here – Claire’s not yet husband. In my free time, you will most likely find me in the outdoors. This year, my wishlist is made up of my most-used items that could afford to be upgraded or replaced, along with a couple of splurges that I have had my eyes on lately. When I’m not on the lake or hitting the links, you can typically find me on the farm, grilling, or sipping my favorite brands of whiskey. During the colder months, I like to head up north to do some skiing and ice fishing, so you’ll also find some cold-weather gear on my list. There’s a little bit of everything here, so if your guy at home enjoys any of these hobbies, I hope you find a few ideas that are up his alley as well!

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Hi, I’m Bryan! I’m Jen’s guy who enjoys the great outdoors! Most weekends you can find me fishing, hunting, camping, at a brewery or trying to find my shoes or wallet! Which brings me to my first item on my wishlist – the ultimate find all-er! Fingers crossed some AirTags find their way under the Christmas tree this year, so I can stop asking Jen where my crap is! Next item I was told by my wife [and you all] to put on my list were these joggers. So I did what I was told 😉 Last if you’re looking to stay warm in the man cave aka garage this winter fellas, you better have these for your feet, crack some cold ones and enjoy “guy time” -Cheers!

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Hello everyone!  Hannah’s husband Logan again.  This year, my Christmas wish list is chocked full of random items from all of my hobbies.  One of my main “To-Do’s” on the daily is definitely working out and staying in shape.  Updated work out gear along with new headphones, was key on my list this year. At home essentials, including the Vuori Joggers my wife loves and comfortable slippers. I think my favorite find are the sneakers.

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Hi, Craig here!  I’m Devon’s husband and the newest member of the LIY spouse squad.  This year on my wish list, I have a lot of active items: athleisure, shoes, and a watch.  I love to golf in my free time so a quarter zip and new golf balls are always great gifts in my book.  Lastly, our grill game needs an upgrade, so I am really hoping to see a Blackstone under the tree this year!

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Hey y’all – this is Zach (Katy’s husband)! My wish list is a pretty random collection of things that I could use to make life a bit easier. A few must-haves on my list include a push lawn mower (electric, because we have a small yard) as well as a new freezer for our basement to help with meat storage (deer hunting and space for ¼ to ½ a cow and frozen breastmilk for Katy’s stash). I’m pretty light on shoes currently, so I added a couple pairs of casual New Balance sneakers for everyday use, as well as a new pair of everyday boots. These Amazon jeans are my favorites currently, so I would like to stock up on a few more!

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What’s up everyone?! Lauren’s husband here! This year, my wish list is a snapshot of some of my favorite things – a mix between fitness and recovery items, athleisure gear, and some must-haves for the hair and beard. If I’m not walking RV dealer lots or working shows, you can mostly find me with my family camping, golfing, bike riding, or otherwise spending time outdoors. When the weather turns cooler though, I enjoy training Jiu Jitsu and training inside so that I can keep up with my two young boys.

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Hello, Dave here – Steph’s husband. When I’m not working my office job at a local credit union, I can be found on the tennis or pickleball court, on the golf course, attending a sporting event or hanging out at home with my wife and three kids. On my list you’ll find things for home life – don’t you think the Red Wings would look great on that Frame TV? – and casual items to wear to work.

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Hi, Garett here! I’m Macy’s husband. My wishlist is a collection of a lot of my favorite things. Athleisure wear, fitness items, hunting items and grilling spices. I drive a desk for a living, so when I get a chance I love to be outdoors and be active. I have this pullover in black and wear it all the time, I’m asking for another one. I never thought I’d be into $25 socks, but these are a game changer.

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