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Victoria Arduino at The Milan Coffee Festival with Cafezal

BELFORTE DEL CHIENTI, Italy – Victoria Arduino, in collaboration with specialty roaster Cafezal, attended The Milan Coffee Festival from Dec. 2nd to Dec. 4th at SuperstudioPiù in Milan. Three days to discover specialty coffee, new extraction techniques, and unique varieties of drinks to boost your ever-growing coffee shop.

The protagonists were Victoria Arduino’s E1 Prima and E1 Prima EXP, able to offer high-end coffee-based drinks and groundbreaking sensorial experiences right in your own home.

Victoria Arduino at The Milan Coffee Festival

In the main area of the festival, Cafezal’s stand offered espresso coffee and PureBrew coffee with the new E1 Prima EXP.

Those coffee lovers who desired to taste an incredible flat white, matcha latte, and other milk or plant-based drinks, could visit the food hall to discover how the NEO technology of the machine was able to produce such a perfect dry steam to obtain an optimal cream of superior quality.

About E1 Prima EXP

E1 Prima EXP was created for people who today imagine the tastes of tomorrow. The versatility and compactness of the single group crosses paths with the technology of a professional machine.

Here, we see all the expertise of Victoria Arduino and ease-of-use for espresso, milk, Pure Brew Coffee, through to taste experimentation, and right up to the limits of the most innovative mixology. E1 Prima EXP is the machine that changes the rules and stretches the boundaries.

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Victoria Arduino has created E1 Prima EXP thinking of those who live in the present whilst creating the future. They’re the curious ones, the explorers the lovers of beauty. They’re the ones that inhabit every land of taste, the ones that dream today about the trends of tomorrow.

Settings where total quality is the essence of every lifestyle experience expand and exchange influences to generate new opportunities for product enjoyment. From the roasteries and coffee shops who have spread the culture of quality coffee, the experience of quality drinks is growing into a landscape of constantly renewing coffee and non-coffee-oriented environments.

E1 Prima EXP leads the way at those precious times where design meets the intensity of every emotion.

About PureBrew

PureBrew is a new method of coffee extraction without using the pressure of a traditional machine. This technology, along with a new patented double-layer conical filter, offers a new, simple and fast way of living and tasting the coffee experience.

From the espresso coffee machine, it is possible to quickly pass from espresso to PureBrew mode, allowing inexperienced baristas to immediately offer an excellent quality product, whilst experts can define ideal settings to extract the ideal flavours from one or more coffees.

The brilliant aspect of PureBrew is that new and innovative ways can be created to accompany customers out of their comfort zone and try new extraction methods and new coffees. For more information, click here.

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