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Tips For Staying Hydrated This Winter

Disclosure: Thank you to Stanley and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post! All products were selected, styled, and loved by yours truly.

Staying hydrated with our Stanley is basically a part of the outfit at this point [not to mention the fun colors]. But, let’s face it – when it’s cold outside it can feel harder to drink water because it also feels cold AND we don’t feel the need to stay hydrated as much as the Summer months. However, don’t be fooled that your hydration needs go down in these chilly months because from dry hair to skin to lips, our bodies are still craving that sweet H20! Here are a few tips to help you stay hydrated this winter along with Stanley options by size to help you along your journey, depending on your size preference! p.s if you’re still looking for gift ideas these make a GREAT one [be sure to order before 12/14 for holiday shipping!].

Tips to stay hydrated this winter:

1. Find a cup you love! AKA your Stanley! Between the color, size, and “spout” options – you’re sure to find a cup you’re ready to carry EVERYWHERE. Keeping a cup or bottle with you as much of the time as you can means you’ll keeping drinking water more top of mind!

2. We know Stanley’s are the KINGS/QUEENS of keeping ice cold [I mean, have you seen the viral video of ice still in the Stanley after a fire?!] but in the colder months, try not adding ice to your cup to help you sip more throughout the day if ice water is making you feel colder!

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3. Create a goal! Use this free downloadable/printable hydration tracker to track your progress and reach your goals.

4. Try adding some fruit to your water to spice [or sweeten] it up! A few favorite combos: cucumber + lemon, strawberry + mint, or classic lemon + lime 🍓🍋

Now, depending on your goal and preference of size Stanley you want to carry around, we’ve got you covered for any size option! Tip: the larger the cup or bottle you use, the more you’re likely to drink throughout the day!


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