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The Best Cocktail Glassware for Mini Martinis and More

There’s much to love about a mini-cocktail; a half-size drink is a fun-size drink. For home entertaining, we endorse the Batch Big, Drink Small method: Supersize your favorite stirred cocktail by prepping it in a bottle and storing it in the freezer, then dole it out to guests in the cutest glassware you can find. It’s a welcome drink, a fun shot, a digestif—whatever fits the vibe. But where does one source the perfect glass for a Chupetini or a snackable Negroni? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to tiny cocktail glassware, ideal for hosting and gifting alike.

The aforementioned Chupetini is served in a footed sake cup like this one from Toyo Sasaki, a Japanese glassmaker that’s been around for more than a century. With its thick stem, it’s reminiscent of a coupe, which makes it great for serving tiny Martinis (and ’tinis) or Manhattans. Bonus: For a gift, pair it with a bottle of sake or Toyo Sasaki’s own carafe.

London’s Tayēr + Elementary serves its One Sip Martini in a veladora mezcal glass like this one, which is suited to pours of up to about 3 ounces (or a little less if served with a garnish in the glass). This sturdy fluted vessel is intended for agave spirits, but does double duty as the perfect showcase for miniature versions of anything that would typically be served up. A mezcal glass with a base to hold onto, like this one or this one, would work well for Margaritas or other cocktails featuring a salt or spice rim. Though this style can hold a full 6 ounces, we recommend it for smaller serves presented with an olive, cherry or pickled onion directly in the glass.

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Has a “water glass”-size tumbler ever held enough water to actually quench a thirst? No, but the sub-8-ounce size is perfect for a half-size highball. These water glasses come in an assortment of muted colors, while these rippled glasses add a unique texture to the format; both put a more personal touch on the tiny template.

Dainty, long-stemmed cordial glasses are the blueprint of the diminutive glass genre. These ones, which range from crystal-clear to moss green, and these ones, with their eye-catching, ornate stems, are an ideal fit for tiny mixed drinks, DIY cordials or digestifs like “limecello.”

A quick survey of your local secondhand store or online antique retailer should lead to the discovery of at least one tiny drinking vessel, often featuring vintage details like etching, baroque stems, tints or Depression glass. Virtually anything goes with these glasses, but consider leaning thematic: Pair a midcentury cocktail with a 1950s-era glass, an Alpine Negroni with a snowflake-inscribed vessel, a modern classic featuring muddled grapes with these vine-etched cordial glasses—truly, the sky’s the limit.

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