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Tantalizing DIY Cinnamon Pine Cones

There are certain scents that just remind us of Christmas and the holiday season. Peppermint mochas, simmering potpourri, and Christmas cookies baking in the oven. The scent of cinnamon pine cones is another one that makes a home smell inviting. Instead of using store-bought artificial air fresheners, there are plenty of safe and healthy ways to scent your home during the winter months.

Research has found that what we smell has a direct tie to our memory. Those sugar cookies baking in grandma’s oven while decorating the Christmas tree can give us happy feelings. Years later smelling sugar cookies can remind us of feelings of community and togetherness. While I’m not one to recommend eating lots of sugar, you get the idea!

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DIY Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

Making your own scents for your home decor can help build happy memories and relieve stress. Plus when you use natural scents you also get the benefits of aromatherapy. These pine cone holiday decorations aren’t just nice to look at, but they can make your home feel cozier.

I used a blend with cinnamon in this tutorial, but you could use other essential oils if preferred. Plant Therapy also has some really good smelling blends (including holiday ones). Or you can mix and match to create your own. Here are a few different options:

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How to Use Scented Pine Cones

These make a good gift idea, like for a hostess gift. The potpourri also doubles as a Christmas decoration and can be used as a table centerpiece. You can also stash a few bowls of these on the bathroom sink to keep the space smelling fresh.

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