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Savage Coffees announces coffee roastery and US distribution

NAPLES, Florida, USA – Savage Coffees recently announced their inaugural retail and wholesale roastery in St. Petersburg, Florida. Family-owned and founded in 2016 by world-renowned, first-generation coffee Producer, Jamison Savage, Savage Coffees have now vertically integrated their multi-award winning, green coffee production.

The Florida operation will be run by Savage’s sons, Jamie and Peter.

The roastery in St. Petersburg will feature several coffee varieties, processes, and roast profiles to suit client needs, satisfying both local and national demand.

Primarily known for the Geisha variety, an exotic and rare, shade-grown coffee produced in the highlands of Panama, Savage Coffees will also feature Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, and many other well-known and highly desired coffee varieties.

“Savage Coffees’ breadth of knowledge, traceability, and coffee excellence is a unique opportunity for coffee enthusiasts to appreciate these extraordinary coffees direct from origin to consumers,” says the company in the presentation.

“I couldn’t be more pleased that our sons are now roasting and distributing our Fine Coffees from Panama, here, in St. Petersburg. Our coffees are unique, special, and delicious with a beautiful story behind them.

I’m delighted to expand our operation so that new consumers can enjoy what we are so enthusiastic about,” states award winning producer and founder Jamison Savage.

Savage Coffees is at the forefront of the growing 4th wave of coffee, where quality, creativity, and innovation intersect. The perfect terroir of Panama combined with unique processing techniques provides our world-class coffees with incredibly complex flavor characteristics.

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