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PJ’s Coffee teams up with Hyperlocology as advertising platform

CHARLOTTE, N.C., USA – In a strategic move to empower franchisees and enhance local community engagement, PJ’s Coffee teamed up with Hyperlocology as their multi-location advertising platform of record. With over 170 locations, PJ’s Coffee realizes the importance of tailoring brand advertising to local preferences and franchisees’ priorities.

The partnership with Hyperlocology helps PJ’s Coffee maintain brand control of strategy and messaging while meeting specific local needs.

Reid Nolte, VP of Brand Strategy at PJ’s Coffee, emphasized the importance of local relevance, saying, “We support our franchisees and know that a locally relevant brand message drives more sales.

Hyperlocology allows us to customize advertising for each location and collaborate with franchisees, offering features like Brand Match to encourage their investment.”

This partnership bridges the gap between brand-level marketing and individual franchisee needs. By using Hyperlocology’s platform, PJ’s Coffee can execute customized per-location advertising programs and campaigns for franchisees while staying true to the brand’s vision.

Nolte highlighted the partnership’s efficiency, saying, “With Hyperlocology, we can create strategies, provide franchisees with marketing programs, and get location-specific reporting in one place. It’s a game changer for us.”

Hyperlocology’s platform enhances transparency, accountability, and collaboration, enabling franchisees to access location-specific data and assess the brand’s advertising impact to their business. This fosters a sense of ownership and trust among franchisees and strengthens their commitment to brand success.

The partnership also improves communication between the brand team and franchisees, making it easier to execute marketing initiatives. Automated communication and AI powered insights enable franchisees to participate in campaigns with agility, ensuring a unified brand strategy.

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The collaboration has already shown positive results, with improved customer engagement and increased same store sales for PJ’s Coffee. The partnership also helps strengthen the relationship between PJ’s Coffee franchisees and the brand team and sets in place a scalable platform as PJ’s Coffee continues their impressive growth.

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