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Nuova Simonelli Unveils the Next-Generation Nuova Aurelia LineDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

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A Nuova Aurelia espresso machine on display at the recent HostMilano trade show in Italy. Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

Italian espresso equipment company Nuova Simonelli recently unveiled several new commercial espresso machines representing the next generation of its Aurelia line, called simply Nuova Aurelia.

Displayed for the first time at the HostMilano trade show in Italy in October, the Nuova Aurelia line adds a variety of high-tech automation features to the existing Aurelia platform, which is now in its 20th year of production. Like its predecessors, the Nuova Aurelia is designed for high-volume drink-making environments. 

Prominent among the next-gen machine’s new features are its “Machine-Grinder Communication” and “E-Milk” technology, both of which aim to streamline and simplify tasks typically requiring barista precision. 

Machines in the Nuova Aurelia line are slated for widespread release in 2024. 

Machine-Grinder Communication

In the Machine-Grinder Communication system, both the Nuova Aurelia and a compatible grinder can identify a portafilter based on embedded sensors. This triggers an automatic adjustment of the grind size and grind time, as well as loads a pre-determined shot temperature and time recipe for the specific group.

Nuova Aurelia espresso machine

Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

Fine-tuning of grind settings is assisted by Bluetooth-enabled data connection between the two machines. 


For milk drinks, the lever style activators of older Aurelia machines have been replaced by aluminum electronic steam knobs. Baristas press it like a button to activate steam, then turn the knob to control the steam level. 

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Temperature, volume and wand-position sensors support the machine’s E-Milk Technology features. Different frothing profiles can be selected directly through the steam knob. Additionally, the machine senses whether the wand is in steaming position or pointed at the drip tray, determining whether the knob activates a designated profile or a quick purge.

Nuova Aurelia espresso machine steam knob

Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

“These solutions are useful not only to speed up the workflow, but also to automatically carry out the cleaning procedures to ensure durability of the coffee machine,” the Italian company said in a recent announcement of the new machines. 

Workstation Configurations

Six different configurations of Nuova Aurelia machines are available to meet different operational requirements.

For craft-oriented shops with attentive baristas who prefer manual controls, the Nuova Aurelia MP leaves those options open while emphasizing temperature stability. The Nuova Aurelia UX focuses on versatility with the Independent Temperature Setting (ITS), which Nuova Simonelli first introduced in 2021 with the Aurelia UX: a single boiler system that feeds thermostatic mixers at each group for brewing at different temperatures at once.

Nuova Aurelia espresso machine Simonelli

Daily Coffee News photo by Nick Brown.

Traditional volumetric and semiautomatic Nuova Aurelias models are available with or without the “XT” features (the touchscreen display and E-Milk technology).

Among other energy efficiency features, Nuova Aurelia machines offer daily on/off machine power scheduling that can be programmed for different days of the week. Individual group heads can also be temporarily decommissioned during periods of lower volume business.

Pricing has not yet been announced for machines in the Nuova Aurelia product line, which are expected to begin shipping to the United States in the second half of 2024.

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