Monday, May 20, 2024

Links Lately: All Your FAQs Answered

This weekend Lauryn did an AMA on her IG & most of you wanted links. Supplements, home decor, fashion etc.

So here we are, rounding up all of Lauryn’s latest faves for you to keep it….you guessed it… easy, streamlined & efficient for you.

Let’s get right into the most requested links from the last month.

Links Lately:


Elf on the Shelf kit

Gift ideas for HIM (and everyone else)

pebble ice machine – such a good gift idea

best TSC gift to give

blue Prada shorts

The Attico blue purse – on sale now!

brown knit tank – similar here

driving gloves

where can I find TSC merch?

Beekeepers Naturals ‘adderall’ shots

tropical top

blue-ish Cabo dress

Townes’ Thanksgiving look – on sale!

Zaza’s Thanksgiving look (bow here)

the best on-the-go phone chargers

workout skortsie and neon sneakers

long-sleeved swimwear

bathroom essentials, travel edition

classic pinstripe button up

Business is Personal, by Bethenny Frankel

family tree photo wall

Zaza’s pink bathroom accessories and wallpaper

mold free bath toys

favorite Amazon purchase lately – festive!

Kroma cranberry electrolytes – code SKINNY for 15% off

reusable skincare towels

door silencersmore here

Coterie diapers and wipes

Caitlin Jaymes bikini bags (also uses these for skincare when traveling)

luggage rack

best drugstore skincare find – a recommendation from Dr. Tomassian

Sherpa kids Anywhere Chair

bamboo bathmat

high frequency wand recommendation from Staci Christie (stalk her other tips here)

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face sponges from Staci’s podcast episode

body wash (code SKINNY for 15% off)

sauna details and must-haves

explanting podcast link

suction phone case

non-toxic pans (use code SKINNY)

pretty leather desktop phone charger

bedazzle girl you love

kids vitamins (code SKINNY)

banana hats by @nana.hats

favorite face oil

laundry room set up

Be sure to stalk everything in the LTK store and on my latest IG stories. It’s laid out visually so it’s super easy to view and shop.

xo, The Skinny Confidential team.

+ stalk Lauryn’s favorite things of 2023 here.

++ brush up on the latest body tool drop: Butter Brush.


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