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Hipster Coffee Enthusiasts Have Taken the Joy Out of Coffee: Opinion – CoffeeTalk

Coffee is a multifunctional beverage that serves various purposes, including a morning necessity, indulgence, and sugary treat. However, hipster cafes have tainted this perception by offering high-end, overpriced coffee shops with fancy barista gadgets, beans sourced from exclusive locations, and a shorter menu. These cafes are either minimalistic with minimalistic decor or filled with plants and wacky artwork.

Coffee culture is pretentious, as it is associated with coffee and people use it as a crutch for gaps in their personality. Hipster cafes feed into this culture, providing customers with standard drink options like espresso, an Americano, a latte, a macchiato, and some funky creations.

Coffee shops have long been a marker of gentrification, as they mark territory in historically low-income neighborhoods, meaning trouble is on the horizon. The coffee house has always been a mark of sophistication and a barometer of gentrification, with the first coffeehouses created as places where business was conducted.

Hipster cafes continue to cater to a subset of drinkers who can only be described as a modern-day iteration of early caffeine aficionados. Their coffee remains “Black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love,” a Turkish proverb that encompasses the die-hard attitude that many people have for their cup of joe.

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