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Gifts to Give if You’re a Last Minute Shopper

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Michael and I recently did a podcast episode on the gifts we’re planning to give this year. It’s fun to get Michael’s perspective on gifts so feel free to just forward this post to your significant other. He’s got some good ideas!

With that, let’s get right into these last minute gift ideas. There’s no time to waste if you want to ensure they arrive before Christmas.

Him & Her Guide: Gifts to Give if You’re a Last Minute Shopper

Flamingo Estates gift boxes

You can also buy individual items here to put together your own gift box. If I had to choose one thing it would be the heirloom tomato candle. It’s divine. You really can’t go wrong with anything by Flamingo Estates.

Naväge nasal irrigation

This might not be the sexiest gift but Michael has been using this machine and says his allergies, congestion and immunity has improved so much. He found through our friend Ben and he’s says it’s legit. Not sure who will be super stoked to get this under the tree, but Michael is doubling down. In his words: it lets the love of your life know you’re thinking about their health and allergies. Lol.

Estelle wine glasses

Received these as a gift from Kira Jackson. They’re wine glasses in this beautiful stunning transparent green color. I use them for wine, champagne, sparkling water with nugget ice. It’s such a chic gift. You can get them in sets of 2 or 6 and they come in other colors. Pair with a bottle of wine or champagne and it’s a perfect gift.

ASRV Active Wear

Michael is very picky when it comes to active wear and to him, this is a great gift for men because they’re so hard to shop for. This brand is the best he’s found. It’s high quality and you can wear it all day long: drop off your kids, to the gym, grab a coffee, you get it. He loves the shirts and shorts so that’s a good place to start. It’s a bit on the pricier side but they really last.

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knife set

Everyone wants an elevated knife set to show off in their kitchen. This one is great because you can add to it. These ones are Japanese, sharp, gorgeous and will last a lifetime.

Kindle Scribe

Michael is obsessed with a new kindle that came out last year called Kindle Scribe. It comes with a pen so you can actually read your books and take notes with the pen too. He takes notes on his books, or in the note section, then exports them to his email. He uses this all the time. If you gift this to someone you could load with his 2 favorite books he’s reading right now.:

38 Letters from JD Rockerfeller to His Son – Michael and I are reading this together and it’s a beautiful book filled with worldly advice.

Same as Ever – the author Morgan Housel is coming on the podcast soon. This is a good book for the New Year when we’re all focused on what changes. This book focuses on what always stays the same.

Dr. Dennis Gross red light mask

You could get this for ANYONE. It’s pricey so if you didn’t want to spend that much they have little red light devices for lips, eyes and neck. I use this on totally clean skin (no skincare) while I meditate. It’s so good for your skin and it wakes you up, but when I use it at night it relaxes me too. It’s amazing.

The Skinny Confidential ice roller

Cutest gift for a friend or if you have a teenage daughter. It’s pink, they want to show it off, I really recommend it for teens. It’s going to instantly reduce puffiness and redness and just the perfect first step in your morning skincare routine.

Epicuren colostrum moisturizer

It lays so nice under makeup, my makeup artist loves it and I’ve recommended it to so many people. You could give it with an Beauty Blender to make a cute little set.


Men get socks, ties, shirts, sometimes they sit in the back of the closet. Michael recommends getting a classic pair of Wayfarers or Aviators. They’re timeless, have literally been around for generations and it might get a bit more use than the classic ‘man’ gifts.

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Burberry green sunglasses

Hi, I’m Lauryn and I’m addicted to sunglasses. Recently I got these ones for my Cabo trip and I love the dark green with my dark hair. Sunglass Hut has so many brands to choose from and a lot is on sale right now. They also have a great return policy and protect you against damage. Sunglass Hut covers you in every way (like 12 month warranty against damage). It doesn’t get better than that.

Barefoot Dreams blankets

If you know someone who doesn’t have one of these yet, this is your winner. I love to gift them, they’ve been on my favorite things list for years and they’re all over our house: 3 in the bedroom, 2 in the guest rooms, 2 in the kids wagon, 1 in the stroller, 2 in our living room. It’s out of hand. You really cannot go wrong. They’ve done lots of new colors and designs over the years but a plain neutral is always a good idea.

Big ass calendar

We recently recorded a podcast episode with Jesse Itszler (will go live in January) and he sells this gigantic calendar with perfectly-sized sticky notes so you can plan out your whole year. Youc an map our and see visually in your whoel year. you can put all your time in there and see your whole year in one place, and you can see everything. it’s affordable and everyone can use it whether it’s for your personal or poressional life or both.

Baccarat crystal glasses

These are on the pricier side but they’re so heavy and nice to hold when you’re sipping a vodka soda. They just feel rich. This is something that you can collect over the years or gift to the same person every few years. You could gift just one, no need to spend a fortune on a set. As Michael says its taken us 8 years to collect 6. But I think that’s fun.

Hatch alarm clock

Everyone should have one of these. It’s how we go to bed and wake up every single morning. We wake up to birds chirping and a gradual sunrise and go to sleep with red lights. You can set it up however you want. The dogs love it, the kids love it and it really works.

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Canopy Humidifier

If someone is into skin, a humidifier is such a good beauty hack. Canopy does waterless diffusers and mold free diffusers and I believe in them so much I did a cobrand with them. It’s good for allergies, your hair, or when you’re sick.

Cymbiotika supplements (use code SKINNY)

I gave all these supplements to my dad. My favorites are the magnesium spray and glutathione. They have everything and I can’t name one person who doesn’t want to wak eup to a huge box full of Cymbotika. You can get subscritpions, one time dleiveries, and literally any supplement ou want.

Agent Nateur (use code SKINNY)

This is such a high-quality, clean brand. Everything they do is ten out of ten, but my favorite product is the Ageless Body Serum. I use it with my body sculptor to lift and tighten and tone my body. Helps it glide so nicely.

Henry Rose fragrance

Michael and I love Char and Windows Down and this is a cruelty-free, non-toxic fragrance brand that’s unisex. Michelle Pfeiffer is the founder and you can hear her talk all about it here. This is a gift you can feel really good about giving.

Branch Basics Starter Kit (use code SKINNY for 15% off)

If you want to change someone’s life, this is it. Redo their entire toxic house cleaning situation with these natural cleaning products. It’s such a good first step towards a non-toxic home.

Caraway pans

Another step towards a non-toxic home, I love this set from Caraway. We have beige, but they have tons of colors. This is a classic gift that will last for a very long time.

Butter Brush

Cannot get this out of Michael’s hands. It’s his favorite product from the line. You need to stimulate your lymph system to get things moving in your body. This is a product with instant results that you can really feel. It keeps you exfoliated, stimulated and energized.

Happy shopping,

x, Lauryn

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