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FollettoRobotics introduces Cafe Zinho, a barista robot

DAEJON, South Korea – FollettoRobotics, led by CEO No-sub Park, has been chosen by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) for the 2023 Leading Remote Service Activation Project in the Field of Daily Life, specifically focusing on the daily consumption sector.

The South Korean company has a long history of developing high-speed laser printer solutions and systems. Currently, it is aligning with the fourth industrial revolution by working on latte art 3D printing solutions.

Cafe Zinho by FollettoRobotics

The company is revolutionizing the market with the introduction of Folletto, a 3D printer, and Cafe Zinho, an AI barista robot specializing in latte art.

FollettoRobotics completed the development of the second-generation model of Cafe Zinho, its flagship product, and is expanding its supply sources.

Cafe Zinho, an automated robot, replicates the actions and latte art techniques of a skilled barista.

It utilizes a robotic arm for various movements and incorporates a self-cleaning system with a built-in steam feature post latte art application.

The cleaning process, which involves water over 70℃, effectively prevents bacterial growth, ensuring hygienic beverage production.

Furthermore, the robot includes a cap closing function to preserve beverage temperature. The company is also concentrating on refining its AI calibration to optimize espresso brewing by considering ambient temperature, humidity, roasting time of the beans, and extraction timing.

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