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Cultivated Biosciences Crafts Dairy-Free Coffee Creamer Using Yeast-Based Fat – CoffeeTalk

Swiss biotech startup Cultivated Biosciences has developed its first proof-of-concept, a dairy-free coffee creamer. The prototype, made with the biotech’s yeast-based fat, matches the performance of dairy creamers and is white like milk and tastes like a regular American commercial creamer. It blends without flaking, making it a clean-label product. The biotech is developing functional fats with a cream-like texture to replace vegetable oils and additives used in the plant-based industry, especially in dairy alternatives. The Zürich-based startup raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding last year to develop its creamy emulsion further to help manufacturers enhance dairy-free products with lipids that improve taste and texture. The dairy-free coffee creamer was introduced during a MISTA Growth Hack event in San Francisco last November. Several companies are working to develop alternative fats, but most are focused on improving plant-based meats. Yali Bio, a California-based food tech firm, also presents its animal-free dairy fat using precision fermentation technology. Cultivated Biosciences must obtain regulatory approval to commercialize its novel fats in Europe and the USA.

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