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Carhartt And Rocket Espresso Collaborate On Limited Edition Espresso Machine

When trying to decide on a home espresso machine, you want something that’s hard working, that’s built to last. And nothing says “hard working” and “built to last” more than Carhartt. The Detroit-based workwear brand has spent over a century creating clothing meant to stand up to the wear and tear of blue-collar jobs. And now, they are collaborating on an espresso machine. The brand has teamed up with Rocket Espresso for a limited edition run of single-group espresso machines and grinders that certainly look like they work hard.

As reported by Hypebeast, the collaboration is actually with Carhartt Work in Progress (or just Carhartt WIP for short), a streetstyle off-shoot looking to capitalize on the brand’s modern popularity. And this is not their first collab with Rocket; four years ago the pair created a “military-inspired” espresso machine, which basically means it was olive green.

carhartt wip x rocket 3

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For this latest mashup, the two companies have created a limited run of 250 espresso machines. (The article states that they are the Porta Ticinese model, but they appear to be more akin to the Apartamento than the Porta.) The stainless-steel body features “a reflective chrome layer for an ultra-modern finish” as well as “debossed iconography and exclusive artwork on its side.”

The grinder, which the article calls a Porta Ticinese Grinder but looks more like it belongs to the Faustino line, has similar stainless steel and embossing appointments to match the espresso machine.

carhartt wip x rocket 2

But if you’re not looking to drop that sort of coin, Carhartt WIP and Rocket are also releasing dual-branded sweaters, aprons, and t-shirts featuring the same illustration that is found etched into the espresso machine and grinder.

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The Carhartt WIP and Rocket Espresso collaboration became available for purchase yesterday, November 30th at the Carhartt WIP store in Milano, and the full collection will be available online December 7th.

So if you need a hardworking espresso machine that looks like it works even harder, maybe the Carhartt WIP x Rocket Espresso collab is just the piece of gear for you.

All media via Carhartt WIP/Rocket Espresso

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