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Caffè Borbone elevates the American coffee experience

NEW YORK, USA – Caffè Borbone is making waves, proudly announcing its official entry into the US market. Originating from Naples, Italy—a city synonymous with extraordinary beauty, rich history, and an appreciation for the simple and authentic—Caffè Borbone brings a legacy of passion for coffee to the heart of America.

Caffè Borbone: Crafting moments, sharing passion

Caffè Borbone was born in Naples, Italy in 1997. In just a few years, we have established ourselves in Italy as one of the main producers of single-portioned coffee in compostable pods and capsules compatible with the most popular dispensing systems.

Thanks to a dense commercial network and to marketing, the company has recorded growing sales volumes year after year.

Caffè Borbone has always made sustainability and attention to nature its flagship, and our approach to the American market starts with a compostable format.

Caffè Borbone’s mission is to redefine the American coffee experience, delivering not just a cup of coffee, but a commitment to deliciousness, sustainability, and the art of sharing.

Compostable innovation

The spotlight of Caffè Borbone’s American venture is K-Cup Compostable Coffee Pods, embodying the commitment of a premium Italian coffee brand to sustainable practices.

From the rich, bold notes of Positano, the perfect blend of fruity, floral, and sweetness of Ravello, the smooth, aromatic blends of Arabica and Robusta in Amalfi, to the balanced allure of Ischia (Half-Caff)—each sip promises an Italian-inspired journey.

The Italian art of coffee in every cup

As Caffè Borbone unfolds its story in America, it brings the essence of the Italian art of coffee—where meticulous sourcing, blending, and roasting converge to create an unparalleled experience in every cup.

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This isn’t just about coffee; it’s a cultural bridge, a journey into the heart of Italy with every sip.

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