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Bio Cuba, the forest revolution of the coffee this week end

L’AVANA – The BioCuba Fair, this year, in its second edition, aims to be a bridge with the 2023 United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP28, which will be attended by an important Cuban delegation that will represent the Group of 77 + China. The event is taking place on December 2-3, 2023, in Guantánamo.

BioCuba will promote through debates, seminars, workshops and master conferences, the exchange on crucial issues, such as: climate change, environmental protection, reforestation, excellence in the value chain of coffee, cocoa and organic products, the circular economy.

Presenting good practices in the application of science, technology, and innovation in comprehensive agroecological management as a response to guarantee resilience in agroforestry production of bioorganic products, in favor of sustainable development.

BioCuba is a special occasion to reflect on the forestry, coffee, cocoa economy and the future of the communities that live in and protect the mountain environment in Cuba.

A meeting place between them, Cuban and foreign businessmen, international organizations, scientists, technicians, farmers and producers, students, journalists.

The BioCuba Fair will be held in Guantánamo on December 2 and 3 at La Plaza de la Revolución Mariana Grajales as the main venue, as well as at the Guantánamo University of Medical Sciences and Guantánamo University.

Here below you can find the complete program with all the speakers and event locations.

BioCuba is part of the Chocolate with Coffee Festival, this year in its 7th edition, which proudly dedicates a large part of its program to the exceptional role played by women in the forestry economy.

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