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Bellwether Coffee expands to Europe with The Hagen Project

BERKELEY, Calif., USA and LONDON, UK – Bellwether Coffee, the technology company advancing electric coffee roasting to deliver the lowest carbon footprint in the industry, is announcing its expansion into the European market with its first roaster installation in collaboration with Hagen, London.

Hagen (The Hagen Project), is a premium coffee brand born out of Copenhagen and founded in London. Hagen is dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of quality and sustainability, which makes them a perfect match to roast in-house with the Bellwether Roasting System.

“Hagen is focused on delivering premium specialty coffee and committed to doing that sustainably,” said Tim Schroeder, founder of The Hagen Project.

“By partnering with Bellwether Coffee to roast our coffee blends in-house on the all-electric, ventless machine, we are continuing to provide our guests with the best in Danish hospitality while reducing our carbon footprint.

It allows us to strengthen our brand even further with increased quality and product control, which in turn will grow our business for the future.”

“Our partnership with Hagen marks an important step in the electrification of coffee roasting, as it is the first in Europe to implement our clean technology that is revolutionising the industry,” said Ben Ireland, European Managing Director of Bellwether Coffee.

“Hagen will pioneer electric roasting in London and prove to discerning European coffee consumers that sustainable on-site roasting with Bellwether provides the trifecta of superior taste, quality, and sustainability.”

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