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Barry Callebaut ranked at the top for the management of ESG risks

ZURICH, Switzerland – Barry Callebaut is positioned in the 1st percentile in both the Food Product and Packaged Food companies by Morningstar Sustainalytics. This is the fifth consecutive year that the company has been recognized as an industry leader in the management of the ESG risks in its supply chain.

Overall, Barry Callebaut was recognized as “Leader” in both the Environmental and Social categories, and as an “Outperformer” in Governance. This achievement reaffirms the company’s standing within the broader food and beverage industry.

“Barry Callebaut was once again ranked in the 1st percentile in both the Food Product and Packaged Food companies by Morningstar Sustainalytics” said Barry Callebaut in a statement. “The company’s overall exposure to ESG risks is rated as ‘High’, but the overall management of ESG issues is rated as ‘Strong’, the top management category.”

“Customers, investors and other stakeholders expect Barry Callebaut to address the key sustainability challenges in our supply chain.

As the global sustainability landscape continues to evolve, we are committed to evaluating what priorities and risks our stakeholders in the chocolate and cocoa value chain deem important for us to focus our efforts on.

We do this via regularly updating our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) materiality assessment to align with the evolving needs of our stakeholders and the changing dynamics of our industry.

In 2023, the company conducted a comprehensive double materiality assessment to better understand and prioritize these areas. This process involved extensive engagement with a wide range of stakeholders. Their feedback and insights have been integral to ensuring that our approach aligns with both the realities of the cocoa sector and the expectations of our stakeholders.

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Our latest materiality report highlights the ESG topics considered most critical by our stakeholders, in terms of their impact on the people, communities and the environment where we operate and the subsequent financial significance for Barry Callebaut.”

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