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adidas holiday gift guide – sales and more!

adidas holiday gift guide – sales and more!

December 6, 2023 –

Happy December, my friends! Dang has time been flying. Ever since opening the Studio, I swear the months are speeding by. 

As much as I’m a summer girlie, the holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. If you’re anything like me, I love to give gifts. There’s something about watching someone open something that you put thought and effort into and seeing their reaction.

In both sides of our families and with my girlfriends we’ve implemented a lot of “secret santa” name picking this year where you choose a name, keep it to yourself, and then when you get together they have to guess who got them their gift.

It’s always a hot debate on if you should ask everyone to create a “wish-list” for ideas or keep it open ended and see what their secret santa comes up with.

I personally could go either way so I thought maybe I’d put together a holiday gift guide of items that are ON SALE until 12/9 on adidas website that you could get for your last minute friend or family member! These items would be my wish list…not that I’m throwing out hints or anything (wink), but this is essentially inspired by my current closet.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of shoes or a beanie. I’m obsessed with beanies and wear them almost everyday in the colder months.

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For the “fanny pack” ladies out there like me this bag is perfect as well as something a bit larger because I carry around an unnecessary amount of things every day.

My go to look in the winter is a pair of leggings, tank, hoodies, & normally a vest or jacket on top. This is truly my staple outfit each day.

If you’re having a day where you can’t fathom wearing something tight, I love a jogger or a sweatpant and these ones never disappoint.

To top the whole outfit off, I leave every morning with my gloves on because as I drive into work, my car isn’t warm enough yet to not wear them, and sometimes I’ll leave them on for my first 2 classes I teach as my body is still acclimating (hence my mention of me being a summer girlie at the beginning).

Whether you snag these for yourself, your secret santa, or after the sale is over, you can’t go wrong with the staples!

I hope this was helpful and you enjoy every ounce of the Holiday Season!

Be true to you,

Xo Kasey

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