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World Coffee championships of Taipei end

MILAN – Taiwan International Coffee Show was enlivened November 17-20 by the world coffee championships: world latte art, world coffee in good spirits and world coffee roasting. Itaila traveled all the way to Taipei with representatives for each category, respectively: Stefano Nodari, Marco Poidomani and Roberto Breno.

Both Stefano Rodari and Robero Breno did not make it to the finals, a feat that was instead achieved by Marco Poidomani, who finally placed sixth among the finalists.

World Coffee Championships: here are the winners

After three days of intense competition, the announce of the 2023 World Coffee Roasting Champion: Taufan Mokoginta, Indonesia.

The top four scoring competitors are as follows:
1. Taufan Mokoginta, Indonesia
2. Talha Erdinc Bas, Turkey
3. Andrew Coe, United States
4. Yoshiyuki Nakamura, Japan

Carmen Clemente with the new world latte art champion (photo granted)

World Latte Art Championship Finals Rankings:
1. LiangFan, China
2. Lu Daoqiang, China
3. Bala – Shao Sing Lin, Taiwan
4. Ryan Liew, Malaysia
5. Pachara Tubtimchai, Thailand
6. Jervis Tan, Singapore

World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship Finals Rankings:
1. Rastislav “Rasty” Kasar, United Kingdom
2. Tanpong, Thailand
3. Danny Andrade, Australia
4. Christos Klouvatos, Greece
5. Sion Wu, Taiwan
6. Marco Poidomani, Italy

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