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What Eater’s Editor-in-Chief Is Buying This Year

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I’ll admit it: I’ve done a lot of shopping in the past few weeks. I take Black Friday very seriously — I have a running list of big-ticket items that I think will likely go on sale, and I also take advantage of discounts to grab things I purchase regularly, from replenishing skincare staples to replacing a worn-out pair of shoes. After my marathon browsing weekend, I’m excited to share the food-themed gifts I have my eye on this year, whether for close friends, family, or even myself.

Kari Kari garlic chili crisp

A jar of chili crisp with a blue and red label.

Lille Allen/Eater

I was turned on to Kari Kari garlic chili crisp after a visit to Musang in Seattle this summer. The Filipino restaurant serves it at their restaurant, but the real move is to just buy a jar and take it home. I found the last jar at my local cheese shop back in New York, and we went through it unbelievably quickly. This is the gift I’m getting for any spice lover, and if you’re shopping for yourself, go ahead and just buy the big one. You won’t regret it.

Campo Grande charcuterie

A pack of Iberico paleta charcuterie in a red package.

Lille Allen/Eater

I discovered Campo Grande’s Iberico pork charcuterie this year, and it’s now my favorite thing to add to cheese boards (it pairs beautifully with a showstopper cheese). Pick up a few packs, and if you really love Iberico pork, their secreto is also incredibly delicious and nearly impossible to mess up.

Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro

A silver blender filled with unblended fruits, vegetables, and ice.

Lille Allen/Eater

I’m determined to get back into my smoothie routine after falling off because I hate cleaning my blender. When Julia Turshen sent out a newsletter recommending this mini Ninja machine that blends right into the drinking vessel, I knew I had to try it. This was one of my Black Friday purchases, and I’m very excited to no longer have to attempt to clean blades at the bottom of an absurdly heavy appliance.

Haricot Vert earrings

Two mis-matched dangling earrings with various food images and jewels.

Lille Allen/Eater

And now for something totally adorable: I have my eye on these food- and drink-themed Haricot Vert earrings. Shop a premade set of cocktail hour-inspired dangling earrings featuring olives, bitters, and more — or make your own design. They’ll make any outfit holiday party-worthy.

The Eater cookbook

A yellow cookbook, titled Eater: 100 Essential Restaurant Recipes From the Authority on Where to Eat and Why It Matters.

Lille Allen/Eater

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a few other gifts you can’t go wrong with, including the Eater cookbook for any restaurant lover that wants to try their hand at recreating iconic dishes.

Eater x Heritage Steel pans

A silver pan with a handle and a lid.

Lille Allen/Eater

Our painstakingly made Eater x Heritage Steel pans cook beautifully. I keep pulling out the 4-quart saute pan, which I love because it can go straight from the stovetop to the oven to the dining table.

A chile pepper hat

A pink hat with a red chile pepper.

Lille Allen/Eater

Our merch store has some great sleeper hits in the form of food-themed apparel. I love this hat from our cookbook-inspired collection. If you buy something from our store this season, you can use my discount code: HOLIDAY15 for 15 percent off.

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