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Top Recommended Cookie Decorating Supplies

As a published baking cookbook author, I’ve baked and developed MANY different cookie recipes. One of my all-time favorites is sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. In addition to all of the tested recipes on my website and in my books, I’m happy to share my top cookie decorating supplies that will set you up for success. The list on this page is a great place to start if you’re a cookie decorating novice, or if you’re looking to update your kitchen supplies.

Royal icing on snowflake sugar cookies

Let’s take a moment to appreciate decorated cookies. If you’ve ever decorated a batch of cookies, you know how much work (and patience!) goes into each and every cookie. Whether you’re adding a simple swipe of vanilla buttercream, or applying fine detail onto snowman sugar cookies, decorating takes time. And while it may seem daunting to jump into the world of cookie decorating, I’m here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be!

With my tried-and-tested recipes for cut-out cookies like gingerbread cookies, chocolate sugar cookies, and sugar cookies, plus my top choices for icing including royal icing and my glaze-style cookie icing, bakers around the world have tackled cookie decorating in their own kitchens.

After many years of practice myself, I’ve acquired a handful of the best cookie decorating supplies and tools to help make cookie decorating a breeze. I’m happy to share a list of these products, all of which I own and love, with you today.

I also have a cookie decorating day guide, if you’re ever hosting a baking party. Around here, we love our fun decorating days!

decorated cookies on lined baking sheet

Best Cookie Decorating Supplies & Tools

All of the cookie decorating tools listed below are items I own. None of this post is sponsored—truly just items I love and am happy to recommend to fellow cookie decorators. A lot of these links are affiliate links. I include many of these items on my Gifts for Bakers page, too, where you’ll find 100+ carefully selected items that any baker (or you!) would love.

Electric Mixer

KitchenAid Hand Mixer


Hand Mixer

One of my most-used kitchen tools. Mine (5-speed) is 13 years old and still running strong.

Meringue Powder & Food Coloring

gel food colors


Gel Food Colors

I recommend these for the most vibrant colors.

Piping Bags

Recommended Piping Tips

What I own and love: Wilton Tip #1, Wilton Tip #2, Wilton Tip #3Wilton Tip #4, Wilton Tip #5

A handful of piping tips are key for making those crisp, precise icing designs. The piping tip numbers reflect their sizes:

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If you’re just get starting in cookie decorating, you can get by with Wilton #1 (smallest size), Wilton #3 (medium size), and Wilton #5 (largest size). You can create any basic designs with just these three!

Piping Tip Sets & Couplers

Ateco brand package of couplers.



Set of 4 couplers to easily switch piping tips.

Bag Clips & Ties

green, blue, and white bag clips.

Linden Sweden

Bag Clips

Set of 20 bag clips.

These Wilton Gel Colors work nicely as well, and they’re more readily available in some grocery stores and craft stores.

For Fine Detail: Icing Needle Scriber

An icing needle scriber helps to spread & smooth out your icing, and helps create neater edges. A regular toothpick works just as well! If I’m working with a flooding consistency, the piping tip often gets the job done, too.

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Finishing & Transporting


Cupcake Carrier

Great for transporting cupcakes, but also for cookies.

Other Tools & Supplies:

I hope this list of cookie decorating supplies is helpful for your next cookie decorating adventure. I also have a complete list of cake decorating supplies, if you’re looking to add to your collection!

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