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The Smoking Tiger suspends its production after three years

CASTELFIDARDO, Italy – The Smoking Tiger (website: TST.COFFEE), a Marche-based roastery that, since November 2020, chose to exclusively deal with Specialty Coffee, decides to suspend its production activities exactly three years after its establishment.

“We have underestimated the resistances and delays of the Italian market in transitioning towards a more advanced, informed, and above all, qualitatively up-to-par coffee market” declares the founder and roaster Antonio Tombolini.

The Smoking Tiger stop its production

Tombolini continues: “Over these three years, we have invested every financial and non-financial resource for the success of the enterprise. However, at this point, we must halt the production of our Specialty Coffees and evaluate in the coming months what a new path for The Smoking Tiger could be. Regardless, it’s a brand that has earned the respect and appreciation of customers and industry professionals.”

the smoking tiger logo
The Smoking Tiger logo (image provided)

There is more: “The greatest regret is towards our customers, both private individuals and horeca operators, who supported us and cheered for us, choosing our Specialty Coffees for themselves and their patrons.”

Tombolini added: “But I am confident they will continue on the same path by selecting one of the fortunately numerous quality alternatives that are enriching the coffee market.”

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