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Sproud gets national distribution in Switzerland

MALMÖ, Sweden – Sproud is now launching its product Sproud Unsweetened at the food chain Coop in Switzerland through its distributor and partner Siradis. Sproud Barista and Unsweetened was previously available in online stores, in smaller stores and chains and in cafes.

With this new listing, consumers can now find Sproud on the shelves with national distribution in Switzerland at COOP.

Sproud has been on the market in Switzerland since 2019, mainly in a number of quality cafes, and has been warmly received as a favorite of baristas and coffee drinkers for its great taste and perfect latte properties.

The brand can also be found in a number of online stores and in selected Migros stores. From October 2023, Sproud’s products will increase its distribution and will be available for purchase at the Coop store chain with two variants: Barista and Unsweetened.

“Switzerland is an exciting market,” says Sara Berger, CEO at Sproud. “We see strong growth both online and within Foodservice. We are excited to now be nationally distributed.

Availability and taste are directly linked to more people switching to a plant-based and climate-smart alternative.

We want to produce food with the lowest possible CO2 emissions. We want those who buy our products to feel confident that we deliver a drink that is as sustainable as possible, tastes delicious and combines well with other drinks and food options, concludes Sara Berger.”

Facts, Sproud in Switzerland:

  • Sproud has been on the market in Switzerland since 2019
  • It collaborates with around 100 cafes that focus on quality coffee
  • Sproud’s products can be purchased online at:,,,,
  • It is available in selected Migros stores since 2021
  • From October 2023, Sproud Barista and Unsweetened can be found in Coop’s 460 grocery stores in Switzerland.
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Facts about Sproud Products

  • 100% plant-based drinks made from pea protein
  • Neutral taste that works as a healthier and climate friendly alternative to milk and milk products
  • Rich in protein with few carbohydrates and contains calcium and essential amino acids
  • Free from allergens such as gluten, lactose, nuts and soy and GMO-free
  • Low climate footprint
  • Aseptic packaging with a long shelf life

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