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Speeding to Growth: Greater Together with Cisco Security

2000 partner attendees. 3 humid Miami Beach days. 1 powerful security message.

Last week, I got to join my colleagues on stage at my very first Cisco Partner Summit, or as I like to call it “Partner Super Bowl.” It was an invigorating event for our teams and global partners, only validating that Cisco is the place to be and partner with right now.

When off the stage, I was scurrying between 45+ partner meetings and trying to squeeze in a meal here and there. All worth it to hear partners leaning in on the theme “Greater Together,” which rings especially true with security. We need to win (and will win!) with our partners.

If you missed the event, you can catch up on the keynotes and breakout sessions on-demand—make sure to watch the Security Business Impact Session. You can also get more details about the announcements by visiting the Launches & Announcements partner community page.

Security Made “Suite”

We’ve now officially launched our Security Suites to the masses, which are designed to deliver better efficacy, better experiences, and better economics. These security suites address customer needs in three areas: User, Cloud, and Breach Protection.

And what’s it in for you, as a partner? You can provide customers superior security outcomes, while enhancing your profitability with up to 30% in blended margin.

Security Made Simple

As a newbie to Cisco, I heard a time or two (or three) the need to simplify. We’ve done just that with going from 30 product areas, down to three focused security suites. Get to know our consistent, compelling security story, backed by our AI-powered Security Cloud.

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In addition, we have dramatically simplified security pricing and promotions for our partners. We’re removing stackable offers and instead driving higher front-end margins and more lucrative back-end rebates for suites. Our efforts include improving our security deal registration with a special support team to streamline the process and accelerate approvals.

Security Made Scalable

We’ve also been accelerating investment into Routes to Market, such as managed services and cloud marketplaces. The goal is to make it easier for customers to consume Cisco Security and easier for you to add value as a partner.

You have a choice with MSP programs, whether it’s Managed Services License Agreements (MSLA) and or through Duo MSP, which has just added role-based access control capability.

We’re tapping into incremental customer EDP spend with more security offers available in AWS Marketplace, including our Security Suites soon.

Everyone Selling Security

To drive our sales motions, we’re narrowing in on several data-informed Global Growth Sprints in FY24. For security, that’s Firewall Modernization to protect and expand our base with newer firewall offerings, User protection to provide secure access to applications, and Power of Platform to attach security to our Catalyst and Meraki refresh opportunities.

We want to enable you, our partners, to continue to have outcome-focused conversations with your customers and help them build an integrated security strategy while providing strong security margins to you.  In fact, get enabled on the customer and partner benefits of our – now generally available –  Cisco Secure Access solution at our next Security Partner Insights Forum on November 14 and on-demand after.

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Thanks again to all our partners who joined us at #CiscoPS23, with a special congrats to World Wide Technology, our Security Partner of the Year.

Let’s be Greater Together!



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