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Saudi Coffee Company participates in Jazan Investment Forum

JAZAN, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Stemming from its mission to transform Saudi Arabia’s coffee industry, Saudi Coffee Company has signed four Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with leading institutions and organizations from the private and public sectors during the Jazan Investment Forum. The MoUs are signed in partnership with the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (Modon), Jazan University, Ministry of Investment and Bieder & Maier, as well as the National Center for Vegetation Cover & Combatting Desertification (NCVC).

Saudi Coffee Company, which is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund, has inaugurated these collaborations as part of its unwavering commitment toward diversifying and growing the Saudi economy, by joining forces with the private sector. The purpose of these agreements is to boost the Saudi coffee production, create job opportunities across the entire value chain, and elevate the positioning of the Saudi coffee production globally.

Commenting on the signing, Khalid Abu Theeb, Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Coffee Company, said “Our aim is not just to boost the growth of the local coffee industry but also to cultivate opportunities for local, regional, and global public-private partnerships. It is an absolute honor for us to participate in Jazan Investment Forum as it’s an opportunity to bring together the different stakeholders involved in the coffee industry, both locally and globally, to forge a collaborative framework targeted at elevating the coffee production in the Kingdom.”

He added, “We believe in the alchemy of growth through embracing sustainable practices; thus, we are ensuring the adoption of environmentally friendly processes and proceeding with our afforestation efforts in line with the Saudi Green Initiative.”

Collaborating with the Public Sector: MoU between SCC and Modon

Joining forces with The Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (Modon), Saudi Coffee Company aims to catalyze the development of the infrastructure needed for efficient, sustainable, and high-quality Saudi coffee production. The partnership entails the identification of the development opportunities in the industrial sector, knowledge and expertise exchange on the best practices for the Farmer Support Scheme Program, as well as expanding industrial projects for Saudi Coffee Company’s factories. The partnership pins down the dedication and development of a 20,000 sqm coffee processing factory to elevate the local coffee production and enhance its quality.

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Collaborating with Academic Institutions: MoU between SCC and Jazan University

The first MoU is in partnership with Jazan University. Saudi Coffee Company aims to utilize the university’s cutting-edge science, research, and academia in elevating the practical cultivation of coffee beans in the area. This partnership entails exchanging experiences and seeking academic consultation on the cultivation of coffee trees, fertilization, seedling production, and propagation using tissue culture. Saudi Coffee Company will also work on empowering the students through workshops and training, paving their way into the labor market. Furthermore, Saudi Coffee Company and Jazan University will engage in social responsibility initiatives that target various segments of society, through volunteer work programs.

Engaging with the Private Sector: MoU between SCC, MISA, and Bieder & Maier

As part of its role in supporting the entire value chain of the national coffee industry, Saudi Coffee Company joins forces with Bieder & Maier, crafting a robust blend of innovation and excellence. Saudi Coffee Company will provide Bieder & Maier with local, Saudi Arabica Beans from the Jazan Region for when the Vienna-based coffee house starts its operation in the Kingdom. Furthermore, Bieder & Maier will blend and roast the Saudi beans in mix with international beans to develop a new flavor named” Bieder & Maier Premium Saudi Blend”. This new product will be available in medium and light roasts for both the Saudi and Austrian markets.

This partnership is facilitated by the Ministry of Investment (MISA) that worked on connecting the foreign investor locally, to ease the knowledge-exchange needed to develop the local-based roasting, and the nationwide expansion of the Austrian coffee house across the Kingdom.

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Preserving Natural Resources: MoU between SCC and NCVC

Taking measures to sustain the environment is an investment in the well-being of the future generations. Partnering with the National Center for Vegetation Cover & Combatting Desertification (NCVC), Saudi Coffee Company is dedicated to preserve the Kingdom’s natural resources via embracing sustainable cultivation and farming practices. The partnership entails exchanging knowledge and expertise in efforts to increase afforestation rates, as well as encouraging Saudi coffee Company employees to participate in the NCVC campaigns.

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