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Mokafé Coffee House launches in Queens, New York

QUEENS, NY, USA – MOKAFÉ Coffee House, a renowned specialty coffee brand, has officially opened its doors in Queens, New York, marking a significant milestone in its journey to redefine the coffee experience. Known for its unwavering commitment to sustainability, traceability, and the art of crafting perfect coffee moments, MOKAFÉ has quickly become a staple for coffee enthusiasts seeking a journey through time and taste.

Co-founder Youssef M. expresses, “MOKAFÉ transcends being just a coffee brand; it’s an exploration of the richness of coffee culture, a journey we invite everyone to join.”

The grand opening of MOKAFÉ Coffee House in Queens introduces a haven for coffee enthusiasts, offering a diverse menu of meticulously crafted coffee preparations using single-origin specialty beans. These beans are sourced exclusively from smaller farms in Yemen and Guatemala, reflecting MOKAFÉ’s dedication to providing a rich coffee experience deeply rooted in tradition.

While the café’s menu boasts a variety of coffee delights, MOKAFÉ’s distinctive touch extends beyond its beans to include a delectable selection of freshly baked goods, such as sandwiches, croissants, muffins, cookies, and the Yemeni delicacy, Sabayah, paired with Yemeni tea, Adeni Chai.

Co-founder Alvaro R. adds, “The grand opening ceremony was a jubilant affair, marking the commencement of an era where coffee is not merely a beverage but an experiential delight. MOKAFÉ Coffee House unfolds as a sanctuary, where the soul of coffee, steeped in the terroir of Yemen and Guatemala, is meticulously curated into a diverse range of brews.”

MOKAFÉ Coffee House extends an invitation to savor not just coffee but the cultural tapestry woven by generations of coffee cultivators. The Yemeni delicacies, Sabayah and Adeni, coupled with their Yemeni Arabica coffee, epitomize a heritage that transcends borders and time.

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Co-founder Alex M. emphasizes, “We want customers to explore intricate flavor profiles, aromas, and textures while savoring their coffee. It’s about connecting the drinker to the journey of the bean—from its origin to the roasting process, right down to the hands that cultivated it.”

MOKAFÉ’s expertise lies in its concept of approaching coffee as a science and art. Each cup is an orchestration of flavor notes, aromas, and textures, resonating with the richness of tradition. The café pulsates with the essence of “Fika,” a Scandinavian concept urging patrons to pause, relish, and create moments around their coffee.

Co-founder Jorge C. states, MOKAFÉ Coffee House, is a journey—a sensory exploration where each cup is meticulously curated to unfold the nuances of our commitment to sourcing the finest beans.”

At the heart of MOKAFÉ Coffee House lies a commitment to crafting a therapeutic escape—an immersive coffee experience that encourages a feeling of well-being and productivity. The founders believe in offering more than a menu; it’s a gateway to a refined lifestyle where the pursuit of the perfect cup becomes a shared journey.

This coffee house caters to a spectrum of coffee lovers — connoisseurs reveling in classic brews and aficionados seeking specialty coffee.

Co-founder Luis B. expresses, ” Queens deserves a coffee experience that transcends expectations. MOKAFÉ Coffee House is not just about brewing exceptional coffee; it’s about creating a space where the soul of coffee mingles with the spirit of our community.”

“In the heart of Queens, MOKAFÉ Coffee House stands as a testament to MOKAFÉ’s dedication to sourcing the finest beans, creating unique brews, and fostering a coffee culture that resonates with the diverse palates of the people of New York. MOKAFÉ is more than a brand; it’s a journey through the rich traditions of Yemen and Guatemala. With their Coffee House in Queens, they have made this journey accessible to one and all.

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