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La Marzocco awarded at the Corporate Heritage Awards

ROME, Italy – On the 7th of November, during the annual institutional event in Italy “XXII Settimana della Cultura d’Impresa” (XXII Week of Corporate Culture), the Confindustria conference center in Rome hosted the awards ceremony for the 2023 edition of the Corporate Heritage Awards.

La Marzocco at the Corporate Heritage Awards

The prize, now at its third edition, recognizes excellence in heritage marketing, in particular the diffusion of a company’s historical and cultural heritage through an innovative, compelling narrative and strategic initiatives.

Lavinia Caini, Marketing & Communications Manager of La Marzocco’s Accademia del Caffè Espresso, and Camilla Catarzi, Company Biographer, attended the Corporate Heritage Awards 2023 gathering in the capital city, as the Florentine brand competed in three categories – Narration through words with the publication series “LM Quarterly”, Narration through locations with Accademia del Caffe Espresso, and Narration through products with the handmade espresso machines from Officine Fratelli Bambi – and took home the “special mention” award for the best integrated communications strategy.

As in the words of the event organizers, “thanks to a carefully integrated strategy which upholds the value of corporate heritage, la Marzocco succeeded in conveying its true essence towards its stakeholders, originating from the continuous search for innovation and from always drawing from its tradition of craftsmanship that has guided the company’s work for nearly a century.”

Further information on the award categories and iter:

The companies nominated were divided in six award categories: “Narration through words, images and sounds”, “Digital narration through words, images and sounds”, “Narration through locations”, “Narration through products and brand”, “Narration through events” and “Socially-oriented narration”.

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La Marzocco had applied to compete in the three aforementioned categories: Narration through words with the “LM Quarterly“, the in-house quarterly publication telling the company stories, projects and past events through an employees-based narrative; narration through locations with Accademia del Caffè Espresso, the cultural hub hosting the company’s museum and learning space centered on coffee; Narration through products with the bespoke artisanal creations from the Officine Fratelli Bambi.

Other than the standard categories included for the awards, there were two special additions, the so-called “mentions” – one for the best integrated marketing strategy and another, newer one dedicated to smaller companies that stand out for an effective integrated communications strategy highlighting corporate heritage, historical and cultural legacy – that for which La Marzocco was recognized.

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