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Introducing the 2024 Planners + Notepads

If there has ever been an introduction I’ve been dying to make, it’s this one right here, right now. Who may you be meeting you ask? The beauties and brains [and products] behind our new 2024 Life + Style Planners and coordinating notepads! These products are such a passion of mine as I’ve been an avid Planner user for years, and need all the notepads for quick ideas! I love taking everything swirling around in my brain [and believe me, there are a lot of swirls happening up there] and having a place to document it all. Whether it’s in the form of organizing my days and making sure I don’t miss a beat on my to-do list or an upcoming dentist appointment [let’s be real, I’d rather forget that] by jotting it all down in my Life + Style Planner or having a more spacious place to simply notice and write down what I’m grateful for. And there’s no better place to jot down a big idea when it hits, or maybe just a quick note for the babysitter than on a coordinating Life + Style notepad! Here at Living in Yellow, our mission is to be the best resource in the most fun way possible to women and I truly believe that these products do just that. Both of these products are 100% designed [from inside to out] by the Living in Yellow team and printed/manufactured right here in Elkhart, Indiana. A small-town product made by small-town girls to produce big-time living. I couldn’t love them more. Today I want to introduce you to all of the designs that were created for 2024. I can’t wait for you to receive your planner and/or notepad and experience the many positive benefits it will have in and on your life! Here’s to a year ahead of less canceled plans and more reasons to make ’em! Cheers friends!

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Bonus: When you buy one of our bundles [includes planner + notepad!] you’ll save by purchasing them together! It is such a fun, intentional + joyful gift to give somebody in your life for under $45 [and yes, there is free shipping always]! 

Colorful. Youthful. Joyful. 

Here at LIY we are all about sharing your sunshine! If you are looking for a way to sprinkle in a daily dose of joy, head right this way… this is the cover for you!

Abstract. Boho. Natural. 

Terracotta, meaning “baked earth.” This planner cover design symbolizes the beauty of earth’s natural clay that can continuously be molded and reworked.

Scenic. Coastal. Pastel. 

Inspired by the blissfulness of the oceanside, this cover was designed for the wanderlust travelers that prefer to have their feet in the sand and a drink in hand. Needing an escape lately? Get lost in the sea, this planner cover is for you!

Floral. Subtle. Feminine. 

Inspired by the effortless beauty of hydrangeas, this planner cover is for you if you find yourself appreciating the delicacies and details that life has to offer. 

Colorful. Playful. Fruity. 

You know what they say, “when life gives you lemons… turn it into a planner cover” or something like that! If you appreciate a little sour and a little sweet in your life then this design is for you!

Raw. Modern. Colorful.  

Inspired by the first few strokes when a paintbrush hits the canvas. This planner cover serves as a  reminder to keep creating and adding beauty layer by layer.

Classic. Edgy. Neutral.

If you find yourself daydreaming about sipping on a nightcap espresso at a cafe in Paris, look no further! This cover design was inspired by the strength in classic design with a touch of nostalgia. 

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