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Introducing My First Interior Design Project: A 1980s House Full of Ornate Details | Wit & Delight

I always feel the most flow when I’m being creative and building something. I think that’s why I’ve been so drawn to interior design in the first place. These past few months, I’ve been designing in a more hands-on capacity outside of my own home.

Today I’m excited to introduce my first interior design project to you: Nine Pines.

This project isn’t something I thought I would take on at first. But when I met with the home’s new owner, Anna, and saw the space, I knew that this would be a really special design project. Anna’s home is very similar to mine in that it has a lot of character and a distinct style that reflects the taste of the home’s previous owner. Read on for more information about this design project!

How the Nine Pines Project Came to Be

Earlier this year, I started offering one-on-one consulting calls, covering topics like building a creative career, crafting a social media presence, and, most commonly, designing a home. I had a few people reach out to me to ask if I’d be interested in tackling bigger consulting projects—namely, being the interior designer for an entire home. Anna was one of these people. 

This whole project has felt like kismet. Anna first reached out to me because of our shared love of eclectic spaces and taking design risks. She is such a creative person, with a ferocious appetite for color and pattern, and it’s been a wonderfully collaborative project thus far. Since I didn’t go to school for interior design and my experience with technical design programs is limited, we’ve been pulling together a small team to execute this project over the course of the next eighteen months.

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The Original Style of This Home

The original style of this home is a total mix! The previous owner spent a lot of time and effort making it their own. There is a lot of chintz wallpaper, ornate details, and Marie Antoinette-inspired dressing areas. The structure of the house is a style straight from the ‘80s. This design combination is a bit over the top, but that’s what makes this such an exciting project to tackle. When I first walked through the house I was overwhelmed in the best way possible. There’s so much opportunity to work with what already exists. 

The Design Direction for the Nine Pines Home

There are so many fun design challenges in this house. While I won’t say too much about our exact design plans in this post, I will tell you the overall style we’ll be bringing to life throughout the course of this project. We want to bring traditional, English country design elements into this home—with a touch of modernity. The goal is to design a home that will feel timeless for years to come and that is a reflection of the family’s tastes. 

Ornate paneling detail on a door

Where You Can Follow Along With the Project

I’ll be sharing peeks into the Nine Pines project on my Instagram account. I’ll share more detailed updates in my newsletter, House Call. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter yet, please do! 

You can also follow Anna’s Instagram account for the house right here.

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