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Holiday Weekend Open Thread –

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Happy almost Thanksgiving!

I love sweater dresses. I live in upstate New York, so I only mean the ones that actually, you know, keep you warm, i.e., not those with no sleeves, a very low V-neck, cutouts, and so on. Specifically, I love crewneck, knee-length, belted styles, like this affordable sweater dress from Caslon.

I prefer the rust (a perfect autumn color!) to the black, though the styling certainly doesn’t do it any favors in the first image — a multicolored fleecy zip jacket?! I like the chunky knit, which isn’t TOO textured. The belt is removable, but since the belt loops are not, it’s kind of a moot point (or a moo point if you’re a Friends fan).

Yes, the dress only has 3.5 out of 5.0 stars so far, but what’s bringing it down is the one-star review that laments that the dress arrived wrinkled. And anyway, it’s machine washable.

This dress is $69 at Nordstrom and available in sizes XXS–XXL.

Looking for other sizes? Here’s a plus-size option from Arula and a maternity sweater dress from Gap.

And now, let’s look at something gorgeous — this (much pricier) sweater dress from Isabel Marant. LOOK AT IT. I’ve never seen a cable pattern anything like this one, and I think it’s striking and beautiful. This dress is $1,650 at Nordstrom.

P.S. Stay tuned for our roundup of Black Friday sales!

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