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Holiday Gift Guide 2023: 55 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Every Person in Your Life | Wit & Delight

My holiday gift guide 2023 picks

It’s the holiday gifting season! Today I’m sharing all of this year’s gift guides at once, including gifts $50 and under, home decor gifts, and gifts for guys, kids, girlfriends, and parents and in-laws. With any gift idea you choose, make sure you consider why that gift feels meaningful for the person you’re giving it to. I find that this kind of intentional, thoughtful approach to gifting is always the best way to go.

Shop all of my holiday gift guide 2023 picks below. Happy gifting!

Gifts $50 and Under

1. A cute phone case, $50 on sale for $38. You can never go wrong with a stylish phone accessory.

2. Levain Bakery cookies, $29+. These will get you extra brownie points. 

3. Spanish hand cream, $6. This hand cream is luscious and more special than something you would pick up at your local drugstore. 

4. A personal card, $20. Sometimes writing a meaningful message in a beautiful card makes for the best gift. 

5. A favorite memento in a beautiful frame, $40 on sale for $28. Frame an item you’ve saved over the years that means something to both of you (e.g., the dinner menu from your first date).

6. Great butter, $14. Really good butter reminds me of my recent trip to France. It’s simple and luxurious at the same time. 

7. A pretty puzzle, $32. Get one that looks frame-worthy when finished. 

8. A great bottle of bubbles or nonalcoholic apéritif is something they can enjoy over the holidays. 

9. A great paring knife, $40. This would make a good-looking and petite addition to their collection. 

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Gifts for Guys

1. A travel toiletry bag, $50. Think of it as an oversized Dopp kit in a super durable (and easy to wipe down) material. 

2. Colorful socks, $5. Uniqlo socks are stylish and high quality. 

3. Gift card to a curated sneaker shop. Find out his favorite local spot or shop at a place like END.

4. Something to wear that he’ll cherish. Get him that you’ll-wear-it-forever-blazer or a watch he’ll never forget receiving. 

5. Jeni’s Ice Creams pint club, $199+. The gift that keeps on giving. 

6. Pasta-making kit and cookbook, $170 and $24. The perfect pairing for all his culinary adventures. 

7. Spanish vermouth, $30. A great gift if he likes to imbibe.

8. An Italian toothbrush, $18. A little pop of color for his vanity or toiletry bag. 

9. This book on Japanese Interiors, $55. A perfect gift for the guy who likes Architectural Digest.

Gifts for Kids

1. Personalized jogger set, $53 on sale for $40. Cozy, cute, and personalized—you can’t go wrong. 

2. Bluey video game, $40. Your kids can explore Bluey’s world in her new video game.

3. Disappearing ink pens, $15. My kids love sending notes and these pens would be a big hit! 

4. A family-friendly board game for game night, $30. This one came highly recommended for the whole family. 

5. Dress-up clothes like this mushroom hat, $8. Lots of creative fun to be had.

6. Adorable printed PJs from Smaller Things. I love their prints and the PJs are super high quality and will last for years.  

7. A mini pottery wheel, $24. For making cute little vases and bowls.

8. Googly-eye stickers, $5 on sale for $4. Stickers are everything for kids and these make the simplest objects look hilarious.  

9. Jumbo blocks, $55. Perfect for kids who love building. 

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10. For kids who like to rough house, get sumo balls, $60. These are coming from Santa.

Gifts for Girlfriends

1. A delightful candle, $38. Maison Louis Marie has the best scents and won’t break the bank. 

2. A really good lip gloss or stain, $22 and $30. Buy something you or someone you trust loves. 

3. An ornament that reminds you of them, $45. Anthropologie also has a wide variety of subjects.

4. A journal and a great pen, $15 and $50. We all know someone who appreciates the feeling of fresh pen to paper. 

5. A gift card or subscription you know they’d love (e.g., yoga classes, meal kit delivery). Choose something they’ve talked about wanting to try. 

6. A cute wristlet for their phone, $55. Pick a style that reminds you of their personality, like this sweet fruit wristlet. 

7. A cookbook like Start Here or Snacking Bakes, $36 and $23. Pick one you’d like to cook with together or highlight recipes you think they’d like. 

8. A matching friendship bracelet, $9. They don’t have to be traditional friendship bracelets. My friends have been swapping these. 

9. That book you talked about reading. My girlfriends loved Bliss Montage, $15. 

10. A great hat, $88. Maria Stanley’s hats are extra special and made from gorgeous materials. 

Home Decor Gifts

1. A bowl that is also a cake stand, $58. It works overtime and is very cute.

2. Set of 4 coupe glasses, $135 on sale for $115. I love this set! 

3. A striped throw pillow, $44. This is on my wishlist. 

4. A great coffee table book like Sense of Place or Archive, $34 and $65. For fellow lovers of the arts. 

5. Customizable wood spoons, $15+. Select something with a little personality.

6. Statement oven mitts, $42. For the hostess with the mostess. I want a pair. 

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7. Japanese thread herb scissors, $12. So they can tend to their windowsill garden. 

8. Beautiful handmade pitcher, $300. I highly recommend Ginny Sims pitchers.

Gifts for Parents and In-Laws

1. A collector’s edition or vintage edition of their favorite book. You can go big with a grand gesture like a limited-edition copy from The Folio Society (they have some options under $100 as well). You can also search for a beloved title on Etsy or eBay to find something that fits your budget! 

2. Personalized notecard set, $66 on sale for $53. Papier is my go-to for personalized stationery. 

3. A luxurious knit scarf, $90. Sézane has some great options. 

4. Have a nice family photo professionally framed. You need to do something with those digital photos anyway! 

5. Functional fanny pack, $48 on sale for $31. For the power walkers and travelers. 

6. Cashmere socks, $30. A simple gift of pampering everyone appreciates. 

7. A luggage set, $170. For that upcoming trip or adventure they have planned.  

8. At-home manicure set, $54. A gift that’s practical but lovely. 

9. A Le Labo candle, $84. A little luxury each time they light it.

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