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here is the new Elektra single boiler machine

MOGLIANA VENETO, Italy – Host was the stage for the launch of the new professional single boiler machine, EvoK: a blend of design and technology that promises to make a difference in the espresso world. EvoK is the ideal choice for baristas and operators seeking ease of use, the ability to adjust pre-infusion times, create customized recipes, and monitor functionality and performance through telemetry.

EvoK presented at Host

Furthermore, the design has focused on the idea of expanding and enhancing the preparation and dispensing of milk-based beverages to facilitate the creation of multiple recipes.

With its compact design and integrated energy-saving system, EvoK is perfect for the most modern and refined establishments.

From the tecnological point a view there are some big news as the telemetry.
This technology enables data communication and remote monitoring of all the machine functions via a Wi-Fi connection or 4G/IotT (thanks to a special SIM) The data are sent by the machine to Elektra web platform.

EvoK (image provided)

Thanks to telemetry it is possible to control brewing data and consumption statistics as well as to send new recipes to the coffee machine. It also allows technician to receive information regarding machine errors or malfunctions.

Another significant feature of EvoK is provided by the milk frothing system and the automatic milker.

This two optional allows to customize milk and coffee recipes and have a automatic preparation of hot or foamed milk beverages.

Design, ergonomics, and high performance are the hallmarks of the new EvoK coffee machine.

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A machine ready to be the top choice in the professional market for those seeking reliability and quality.

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