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Have a Great Weekend | Cup of Jo

weekend link list cup of jo

weekend link list cup of jo

What are you up to this weekend? We’re having brunch with my step-cousin Molly, who just competed on The $100,000 Pyramid! With Jason Alexander, aka Seinfeld’s George! How wild is that? Hope you have a good one, and here a few links from around the web…

My hair inspiration for the holiday season. (Also, these pants.)

Talking to four ‘Nutcracker’ kids. “It doesn’t matter what role I will get, it’s only that I am going to be onstage — to be someone, but on a stage! Just please give me that.” (NYTimes gift link)

Found! A great gift for spouses/friends/parents/grandparents who FaceTime with their loved ones.

I wanted love and all I got was a lousy manicure. “If he doesn’t love me yet, he won’t. Unless… maybe if I had gorgeous, gorgeous hands?” (Great read.)

Would you bring blue cheese cookies to a cookie swap? Kind of into the idea.

A sweet little boy tells his mom about his “classic role” in the Christmas play, so cute omg.

Our Christmas crackers have been ordered. #yay

What a beautiful book cover.

Very opinionated entertaining tips from legendary English host Nicky Haslam. “My friend Diana Cooper always said that the best menu for a successful party is too much to drink and a chocolate pudding.” Also, if he struggles to remember people’s names, he introduces friends with the line, “Darlings, you know each other, don’t you?”

A new website with NYC playground reviews. Lol @ “rat-o-meter.” (Reminded me of this!)

A 400-square-foot Boston studio and 500-square-foot Manhattan apartment.

You don’t need to kids to be a family.

Finally, here’s our 2023 holiday gift guide, and today’s Big Salad email talks about crying in public, making “survivalghetti” after long days, and the best movie to watch when you’re feeling stuck.

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Plus, three reader comments:

Says Emma on have a cozy Thanksgiving: “I love when I see a comment featured that I’ve already read in the original comments section — I think ‘good for Ceridwen!’ as though she’s an old friend who’s just won ‘student of the week,’ even though I have never and likely will never clap eyes on Ceridwen. Crumbs!”

Says Shelley on would you give a signature gift: “I have a signature housewarming gift (an address stamp), but I love the idea of a signature holiday gift. My dad gives a ‘dad gift’ every year, like windshield wipers or surge protectors. One year it was Costco memberships and the crowd went WILD.”

Says Krista on what sexy TV scenes do you love: “Charge your Dames, ladies!”

(Photo by Gavin Hellier/Stocksy.)

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