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How are you spending Thanksgiving, if you celebrate? The boys are heading upstate with Alex, but my dad is visiting Brooklyn, and we’re hosting a giant meal for friends and neighbors (and Georgie!). Everyone’s bringing something, and we’re in charge of mashed potatoes and stuffing. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A festive, fizzy cocktail with only three ingredients.

My dad and I are watching some of our favorite movies this weekend (mine, his, everyone’s).

I’m not always a Goop fan, but their gift guide video is brilliant and hilarious.

The case for inviting everyone to everything. “One study found that people we know are consistently happier to hear from us than we anticipate, especially when the overture is more surprising and unexpected.” (Vox)

Loving these incredibly soft pants to wear on winter walks and long flights. (Bonus: they have pockets!)

Whoa, what a difference styling your clothes makes.

This title made me laugh.

A beautiful essay about the end of a marriage. “For years, I interrogated him — was any of it ever even real? Why bother with a wedding if he never believed in monogamy? But he’d moved on. He had no patience for rehashing the past. Eventually, I started asking the hard questions of myself. Why had I been in such a rush to find a husband? Why did I think in order to become a mother I had to first get married? When did I start mistaking crumbs for the feast?” (NYMag)

What’s the last novella you read? I can’t wait to dig into these seven recs.

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Post-dinner interview with the 12-year-old who sat at the grown-ups’ table for the first time on Thanksgiving.


And three amazing sales:
* Get up to 50% off almost everything at J.Crew. (This coat!)
* Get up to 30% off select items at Article. We had and loved this sofa for years, and I also love this glowy lamp.
* Nordstrom is having a huge site-wide promo, and this genius hair tool is on sale.

And here’s our 2023 gift guide so far, if you’d like to read.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Tanya on what’s your Thanksgiving specialty?: “I really wanted my signature dish to be my mom’s scalloped potatoes. My mom made the richest, cheesiest, delicious scalloped potatoes for Thanksgiving every year when I was little. I looked forward to the crispy edge bits. The first year I was married, we went to a Friendsgiving and I called my mom to ask for her recipe.
Her response: ‘I’ve never made scalloped potatoes.’
My response: ‘What? You made them every year, they were my favorite. We took them to Mom-Mom’s house!’
Her response: ‘Oh honey, those were from a box. I didn’t have time to make real scalloped potatoes. Didn’t you know that?’”

Says Ceridwen on what vocab words are you into: “I loved your recent post about low-stakes burns, so I’ve been trying to bring back old-school phrases, which feels very fun and dorky. Take a hike! What a ratbag! And saying ‘a little scamp’ to describe a kid who gets in trouble. I’m also adding in ‘terrific’ a lot and I sound like my mum.”

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