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Dr. Bronner’s Just Launched A Coffee And Oat Milk Chocolate Bar

It’s not everyday that a soap company makes something you want to ingest. Dial? That’s what you do to an espresso machine in the morning. Irish Spring? Only if it’s on Coffeeangel of Dublin’s beverage menu. A Dove Bar? Yes. A Dove bar of soap? Absolutely not.

But not every soap brand is Dr. Bronner’s, the feel-good hippy dippy peace and love to all humanity psychedelic espousing makers of Magic Soaps. The California-based soap maker has announced an all-new line of Magic All-One Oat Milk Chocolate bars, and coffee is one of the three flavors they are rolling out first.

Announced last week, the Magic All-One Oat Milk Chocolate bars arrive in three options: Crunchy Hazelnut Butter, Golden Milk Chai, and of course, Creamy Mocha Latte. They’re readymade for specialty coffee SEO. For one, oat milk. It’s like catnip for the Millennial-and-younger generations. And Mocha Latte, a combination of two drinks that are the lifeblood of any coffee shop.

“Expertly crafted by Swiss chocolatiers,” per the press release, the Mocha Latte bar is made with “real fair trade organic coffee and hazelnuts” for a “bold coffee flavor.” And as would be expected from Dr. Bonner’s, the vegan chocolate itself is made from “a blend of Regenerative Organic Certified ingredients including cocoa from Ghana and Ivory Coast, coconut sugar from Indonesia, and cocoa butter from Congo.”

This is not the good doctor’s first foray into chocolatiering. The brand released a line of dark chocolates back in 2021 that includes a total of seven different flavor options. But none of them are coffee.

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Dr. Bronner’s All-One Magic Oat Milk Chocolate will be available at retailers nationwide this month as well as via their webstore, with an MSRP of $5.99 per bar.

Just imagine, making an oat milk mocha latte with melted Dr. Bronner’s All-One Magic Oat Milk Chocolate Mocha Latte. This is the feel-good soap-based vegan chocolate coffee drink you didn’t know you needed but you desperately do. For more information, visit Dr. Bronner’s official website.

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