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Discover the World of Lelit Espresso Machines: Bianca, Mara X, and Beyond

Every coffee aficionado understands the importance of a good espresso machine. No matter how high-quality your beans are or how special your recipe is, not having a suitable espresso machine at your service automatically equates to all your efforts going down the drain. That is the power of espresso machines; they can instantly elevate your coffee from mediocre to excellent. Likewise, their absence can make your drink a bland and lifeless mess.

But, with countless options available, getting your hands on the right espresso machine may require trial and error. However, shopping from a trustworthy brand can be a great way to save yourself from this hassle. And one such brand that you can never go wrong with is Lelit.

Today, we will discover the world of Lelit Espresso Machines and closely examine its extensive range of advanced products. By the end of this post, you will find the perfect model to whip up café-quality cappuccinos and lattes right from the comfort of your home.

Let’s get brewing, then!

About Lelit

Lelit is an Italian brand specializing in designing and manufacturing coffee grinders and semi-automatic espresso machines for the “prosumer” market.

It was founded in 1986 by Edoardo Epis and initially dealt only with producing ironing systems. However, the company gained massive popularity over the years and soon expanded its collection to include coffee machines and other kitchen appliances.

Another turning point in Lelit’s history came in 2020 when Breville purchased it for $169 million. Many believe that Breville’s acquisition of Lelit was a deliberate strategy to get a ticket into the specialty coffee consumer market. The launch of Beanz, a coffee subscription service, and the acquisition of the coffee grinder manufacturer Baratza further followed this.

What Makes Lelit Different?

Lelit leads the way for espresso machines in terms of technology and innovation. Their appliances are all made in accordance with the Italian tradition and use components adopted for professional machines.

As well as being known for this futuristic level of service, they are also recognized for their timeless design and improved durability.

It is evident that the designers at Lelit have surveyed the market carefully to figure out where the existing machines lack and have incorporated those desired elements in their products. And we must admit, their concept is downright genius!

Another great thing about this Italian company is that they never wait for pressure from other competitors but consider themselves their biggest competition.

As a result, each release they come out with is better than the previous, and this self-improvement is the secret behind the brand’s top-notch products.

Lelit’s range of espresso machines currently includes nine models: Lelit Bianca, Lelit Mara X, Lelit Anna, Lelit Grace, Lelit Elizabeth, Lelit Kate, Lelit Victoria, Lelit Anita, and Lelit Giulietta X.

Whether you are looking for a machine with all bells and whistles or a simple design, the brand never fails to fulfill your needs.  

The Best Lelit Espresso Machines

In its thirty years of existence, Lelit has managed to manufacture some of the best espresso machines in the game.

And because it may take forever to talk about each of them, here are six of the best Lelit models this year, combining dynamic design with modern technology to churn up a delicious cup of espresso.

Lelit Bianca V2

Our Pick

Lelit PL162T Bianca

Professional Dual Boiler Coffee Machine with L58E Brewing Group, Paddle and LCC to Guide All Parameters, Stainless Steel

2.5 litres

2800 watts

‎26.5 kg

29 x 49 x 40 cm

Special Feature:
Double pressure gauge (brewing pressure and steam pressure), I/O stainless steel switch backlight, Solid water connection and direct drainage



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08/20/2023 01:54 pm GMT

Lelit’s Bianca is a luxury dual-boiler espresso machine that took the specialty coffee world by storm on its release in 2018. Featuring a clean design inside out and loads of advanced features, this thing is quite a head-turner.

Right off the bat, you will notice the shiny, stainless steel body paired with warm wood accents of this coffee machine that are hugely stylish and look great on all countertops.

As appealing as its aesthetics sound, you will be glad to know that Bianca is not just style over substance.

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Instead, this machine comes with two stainless steel boilers, one for steam, and the other for coffee, that allow you to pull your steam milk and espresso shot simultaneously. The steam boiler has a 1.5-liter capacity, while the coffee boiler is 800ml.

However, a water tank is also available on the back if you don’t intend to plumb. This tank can hold up to 2.5 liters and is movable to give you lots of flexibility. You can even remove it altogether to get a more compact footprint.

An independent PID temperature control for these boilers enables you to find and replicate the optimum temperature for brewing your cuppa.

Furthermore, Bianca’s central panel, the Lelit Control Center (LCC), aids throughout the process by allowing straightforward adjustment of elements, including the temperature of the boilers, pre-infusion time, and machine settings.

This combination of features is typically only found in pricier machines. Still, fortunately, Bianca steers away from this trend and offers an intelligent solution to all coffee fans at a much more affordable price tag.


  • Plenty of advanced features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Super quiet rotary pump
  • Features a unique flow control paddle


  • The reservoir is a bit difficult to clean

Lelit Mara X


Coffee machine with L58E group, programmable temperature, ergonomic steam/hot water lances, double pressure gauge, and high-quality satin stainless steel housing. Made in Italy.

1.8 litres

1400 watts

18.8 kg

41D x 22W x 35H cm

Special Feature:
large stainless steel kettle, double pressure gauge, silent pump, thermosiphon circuit, and mechanical pre-infusion for rich coffee extraction.



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Lelit makes several models of the Mara series, but the sleek and shiny Mara X is undoubtedly the standout of the bunch.

Released in 2020, Mara X is among the few heat exchange espresso makers on the market that give you total control over your brew’s temperature. 

Unlike the typical heat exchange or HX machines, you don’t need to perform a cooling flush with Mara X and can easily set the temperature via its dial boiler.

You will also love its dual PID, which accurately controls the group head and boiler’s temperature, allowing you to customize your espresso shots per your taste preference.

The commercial-grade vibratory pump is another defining feature of Mara X. It is consistent and quiet, unlike the other brands we have ever seen.

However, the compact size of Mara X is what makes it outshine other Lelit coffee machines.

Measuring just 9 inches wide, this is undeniably one of the most compact HX machines you will find. Yet it still manages to find room for a 1.8-liter boiler and a 2.5-liter water tank.

This compact stature, along with the adjustable feet, renders the appliance an ideal match for those with limited counter space or who do not prefer to make a fuss with their at-home espresso setup.

Overall, Lelit Mara X is an impeccably well-built heat exchanger draped in a gorgeous stainless steel body that is all prepared to pull the best, creamiest shots of espresso.


  • Accurately maintains the brewing temperatures
  • Includes two PID control for effective monitoring
  • Small, travel-friendly size
  • Much quieter and less vibration


Lelit Victoria

LELIT Victoria PL91T

Victoria espresso machine: compact size, professional technology, quick use, stable heat, includes accessories. Programmable, with pressure gauge, multi-directional nozzle, and high-quality materials. Made in Italy.

2.7 litres

1000 watts

12.9 kg

9.1D x 10.6W x 15H cm

Special Feature:
250 ml brass housing, LCC with graphical high-resolution OLED display, Backlit pressure gauge for pressing release


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08/20/2023 01:35 pm GMT

Lelit Victoria is a top contender for entry-level espresso makers. It is perfect for anyone starting to get serious about taking the home espresso game to the next level.

Similar to previous picks, this model also has a couple of features rolled up the sleeve that put it a cup above the rest.

Victoria falls under the category of single boiler units, which means that you can’t steam milk and make espresso at the same time. Instead, after pulling a shot, you must wait for the boiler to heat up to a steaming temperature. It is time-consuming, so if you plan on making lots of lattes, this little machine is not for you.

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However, one advantage to this small size is that the machine is comparatively less expensive and heats up super fast in just about 10 minutes.

Victoria also includes a 300ml brass broiler that automatically refills after every shot and can easily pull up to three consecutive shots without delay.

Other premium features of Lelit Victoria include an LCC control system, PID temperature control, a programmable pre-infusion, and a commercial-style 58mm portafilter.

Not to mention that this model, despite its smaller footprint, still manages to fit a 2.7-liter water reservoir that is way larger than other, more prominent models.

In short, if you are looking for an espresso machine for personal use, this beautiful and compact single-boiler is worthy of your attention.


  • Heats up super fast
  • Includes a smart 3-way solenoid valve and pressure gauge
  • Amazing value for money


  • The pump causes lots of vibrations
  • Can’t brew and steam simultaneously
  • Throwaway plastic tamper

Lelit Anna


This silver semi-professional coffee machine is designed for making espresso, cappuccino, and coffee pads. It has a 2-liter capacity and features PID control for temperature regulation. The body is made of stainless steel.

2.7 litres

1000 watts

7.2 kg

9.1D x 10.4W x 13.4H cm

Special Feature:
Temperature control via PID control


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08/20/2023 01:35 pm GMT

This next espresso machine is designed for every entry-level barista looking for an efficient machine with good value for money. The latest Lelit Anna models promise to do this and much more, all thanks to its reliable build and easy controls.

Firstly, don’t let the compact and lightweight design of Anna make you underestimate its capabilities. This espresso machine is made from high-grade stainless steel and features a 2.7-liter water reservoir to serve as a water-softening filter.

Following this, it also offers a higher level of heat than expected. The brass boiler uses a high-voltage heating element to minimize the time taken to steam the water. This is particularly helpful while making milk-based beverages, including lattes and cappuccinos.

Since Anna is specifically designed for amateur baristas, Lelit has gone the extra mile to make it user-friendly. All you have to do is insert the 57mm portafilter in the group head and press the start/pause button to pour yourself a sweet and balanced espresso shot.

Another stellar feature of this espresso machine is its dual-purpose manual steam wand. It helps steam good textured milk and dispense warm water, making it an ideal choice for brewing americanos and espressos.

To sum it up, if you are willing to spend more money in return for rich and consistent espresso shots, then opt for the model of Lelit Anna with a built-in PID. This advanced feature helps set and alter the brewing temperature for more precise and better temperature control capability.


  • Compact and high-quality stainless steel footprint
  • User-friendly interface
  • Large reservoir with a fast heating mechanism
  • Ideal for americanos, espressos, and milk-based drinks
  • It is reasonably priced


  • Unsuitable for back-to-back use

Lelit Kate

Lelit Kate PL82T

Lelit PL82T is a coffee lover’s dream with its integrated coffee grinder, steam nozzle, stainless steel casing, and Italian-made quality.

0.35 Kilograms

1400 watts


10.6D x 13W x 16.9H centimetres

Special Feature:
high-res OLED display, conical grinder, flexible wand, LELIT58 group compatibility, and backlit pressure gauge


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08/20/2023 01:20 pm GMT

If you are looking for a multi-purpose espresso machine and grinder for your household, there is no better match than Lelit’s Kate.

Similar to other machines mentioned above, Lelit Kate is also made from premium-grade stainless steel for resistance to impacts and long-term use.

This steel housing adds a sophisticated look to your kitchen and is easy to clean by wiping it off with a damp microfiber cloth.

Although the Lelit kate is taller than the standard espresso machine size, it is finished with a small footprint to easily fit on the countertops and cabinets.

However, the feature that gives this machine an upper hand is its built-in grinding capability. Featuring 38mm conical burrs and a micrometric step-less adjustment system, Lelit Kate holds up to 8 ounces of beans and operates on two different grinding settings.

Next, let’s talk about the integrated controls of this grinder and espresso maker. It is equipped with an LLC display for easy programming, temperature monitoring, and a countdown timer.

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Not only this, but this high-resolution LED also alerts in case of low water levels and has a standby mode for low power consumption.

As far as the water reservoir is concerned, Lelit Kate has a magnificent 2.4 liters capacity along with a particle filter and auto shut-off mode to prevent overheating the element. The hot water wand and 1200W brass boiler also lower the warm-up time and increase the heat intensity.


  • Multi-purpose espresso maker and conical grinder
  • LLC display with intelligent features
  • Easy-to-clean steel housing
  • Includes a 58mm commercial portafilter with an ergonomic handle


  • The grind size knob is not labeled
  • Difficult to fill the water reservoir

Lelit Anita

Lelit Anita PL042EMI

Lelit PL042EMI espresso machine for coffee lovers, features a built-in coffee grinder with adjustable grinding, stainless steel casing, and backlit pressure gauge. Made in Italy with professional components.

2.7 litres

1000 watts

10.2 kg

25.5D x 36.8W x 31.5H cm

Special Feature:
Kapazität des Wasserbehälters (2,7 l)


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08/20/2023 01:45 pm GMT

Every professional barista and coffee lover knows that the secret key to a flavorful espresso is the consistent grinding of the beans. This is why Lelit designed the powerful Anita grinding and espresso machine for home-based and commercial purposes.

It features a stainless steel housing and drip tray gate for durability and longevity.

Additionally, this machine comes with an integrated PID regulator to control and adjust the temperature of the steam and coffee. With this, you can freestyle, set custom settings and make unique coffee flavors!

Despite all these intelligent features, this Anita’s grinding power makes it stand out from other products released by Lelit. It contains 38mm conical burrs and micrometric grinding increments to grind the coffee beans into consistent, fine particles.

One primary concern with espresso machines is their ability to froth milk. Fortunately, Anita does well in this aspect as well. It uses a multidirectional professional steam wand to add texture and foam to your milk-based drinks while being easy to use by entry-level users.


  • Integrated PID temperature regulator
  • Built-in tamper and three-way valve system
  • Short heating time


  • Makes a lot of mess
  • Difficult to fill the water tank

How to Clean a Lelit Espresso Machine

Regular cleaning of the espresso machine is essential to prevent pressure build-up and keep it working effectively for a long time. Therefore, it would be best if you tried to descale your Lelit espresso machine weekly or after making about every fifty cups of espresso to get rid of old coffee oil.

Clear out the filter holder or basket after use and clean them using a solution of cleaning powder mixed with 1-liter water.

Let them soak the solution overnight and wash the accessories the next day before reattaching them to the machine.

As for backflushing Lelit espresso machines, you need a backflush powder and rubber disc. Start by turning the device on and heating it like you do while making espresso. Next, place the backflush disc inside the filter basket holder before reinserting it inside the machine.

Next, switch the pump on and let it rise to its maximum value, then wait for a few seconds before turning it off.

Repeat this four to five times, then detach the disc to finish the backflushing process.

Can You Use Coffee Pods in a Lelit Espresso Machine?

Coffee pods are circular or flat packets containing roasted and ground coffee powder. These are highly fragile and can lose their freshness after some time. Generally, espresso machines that work with fresh coffee powder also allow the use of coffee pods.

However, this is only sometimes the case with Lelit espresso machines. Most models are compatible with Easy Serving Espresso (ESE), Nespresso, and Dolce Gusto pods. On the other hand, only specific machines work with the k-cup type coffee pods.

Final Words

We have reached the end of our comprehensive guide about the most popular Lelit espresso machines.

We sincerely hope our list helps you pick out the suitable Lelit espresso machine to take your coffee beverages’ taste and standard to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to kickstart your day with the most refreshing and mouth-watering cup of espresso!

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