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Delivering application performance to maximize business KPIs

Helping our customers protect their brand and reputation with new business metrics insights and visibility for Cisco Cloud Observability, tied to the KPIs that matter the most.

Our customers are increasingly tasked with simplifying their businesses as the complexity that comes with managing applications and their performance continues to intensify. At Cisco we are constantly endeavoring to find new and improved ways to help our customers navigate these complexities with Cisco Full-Stack Observability. We provide real-time business context that enables teams to proactively identify, prioritize, and resolve issues to ensure they are delivering the best digital experiences. And today, I’m pleased to announce the introduction of new business metrics in Cisco Cloud Observability, powered by the Cisco Observability Platform, to enhance business context for modern applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Having these new business metrics — and business context in general — can help teams connect their application performance with business outcomes and gives IT teams and business leaders a common language they can all understand. With business metrics, an IT practitioner will understand how issues affect business KPIs; IT leaders will see where they need to allocate budget to improve application experiences to drive better business outcomes; and CIOs will have proof points to showcase the value of IT investments to the broader C-Suite.

Application observability at the speed of business

Applications are the front door to every modern organization, and when application experience suffers, so does brand reputation and ultimately, revenue. The first step for businesses to ensure flawless digital experiences is to simplify their complex cloud native environments and applications, and then, the challenge becomes the ability to tie performance to business objectives.

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Yet, teams often lack visibility into the specific business goals their cloud native applications support. They use multiple monitoring solutions that lead to siloed tools and teams, which in turn leads to obscured visibility, slowed response times, and breakdowns in communications.

Meanwhile, traditional monitoring tools only provide visibility of applications and infrastructure performance metrics, often neglecting the relationship between applications performance and vital business metrics like revenue, customer conversion rates and retention. And while other tools on the market may provide health checks, they don’t add business context. This leaves teams unable to make decisions based on real impacts to their business, and can result in hits on revenue, customer experience, and ultimately, brand reputation.

Enhanced business context for apps on AWS

Cisco Cloud Observability helps provide our customers with a deeper understanding of how application performance issues are connected to the broader IT environment and the business outcomes they support. This facilitates quicker identification, triage, and resolution of problems.

In our continued mission to help our customers simplify the noise and make decisions based on the business KPIs that matter most to them, the new business metric insights and visibility in Cisco Cloud Observability can help teams to easily troubleshoot for the business metrics that matter most and easily connect digital experiences to business outcomes to make faster, more informed decisions.

Our additional integrations with AWS services provide a unique depth of context by correlating cloud services to application and business performance, allowing teams to understand the services that matter most to their bottom line. As one key example, DevOps teams can also now observe AWS Lambda functions as an entity within Cisco Cloud Observability APM pages and now will have visibility into why AWS Lambda events are triggered, where the trigger occurs in the application flow, and dependencies that may trigger events.

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“Cisco is a recognized leader in enterprise-grade observability solutions built on AWS,” said Nandini Ramani, Vice President, Monitoring & Observability at AWS. “We are delighted to see Cisco introduce business metrics to deliver enhanced business context for modern application workloads. These new capabilities, combined with expanded support for AWS services, will enable enterprises to experience the benefits of full-stack observability for their mission-critical workloads running on AWS.”

The enhanced visibility provided in this release will help teams to prioritize potential business-impacting issues like revenue, conversion, compliance. It expedites troubleshooting, identifies root causes, and resolves problems within minutes, reducing overall remediation costs and minimizing war room incidents and finger pointing.

In today’s digital landscape, where digital experiences drive organizations, any breakdown can result in a loss of customer retention and brand loyalty. Cisco Full-Stack Observability can help increase the agility of teams and ability to respond to issues — keeping their reputations intact.

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